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Ontario Supporting Francophone Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs
Funding will help promote economic growth and prosperity in Francophone communities

The Ontario government is providing $500,000 to help Franophone entrepreneurs participate in the province’s economic prosperity. The funding will support four projects and is being delivered through the Francophone Economic Development Strategy.

The following organizations will share a combined $400,000:

  1. The Cooperation Council of Ontario (CCO) will provide training to a group of entrepreneurs, guiding them through the incubation and implementation phases of their businesses. This training will be offered in Toronto and Sudbury.
  2. The college La Cité will develop three audiovisual modules and complementary resource kits as part of its programming for young entrepreneurs. These “reality show” style modules will be shared with other organizations to maximize the reach of this new tool.
  3. The Association francophone à l’éducation des services à l’enfance de l’Ontario (AFESEO) will create a recruitment and professional integration tool for newcomers. This tool will allow childcare operators to expand staffing at their centres and increase the availability of Francophone childcare spots.

“Support services for new businesses help ensure the prosperity of our Francophone communities,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Francophone Affairs. “The projects selected will be used to support Francophone entrepreneurs, thereby promoting the start-up of their businesses. This investment will strengthen a growing ecosystem and showcase the expertise of Ontario’s economic Francophonie.”

The Ontario government will also provide $100,000 to the Fédération des gens d’affaires francophones de l’Ontario (FGA) to ensure the continuity of its concierge services and its Quartier d’affaires and inkubo.ca portals, as well as to support the continuation of its work connecting Francophone businesses and entrepreneurs.

“Ontario’s strong community of Francophone entrepreneurs continues to grow every day,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. “The Francophone Economic Development Strategy will help ensure that they continue to prosper now and in the future. We are proud to support Francophone entrepreneurship across the province as part of our plan to build Ontario.”

Quick Facts

  • The selected projects are the result of a call for projects issued in September 2022 to organizations that promote Francophone economic development and service delivery.
  • According to Statistics Canada, in 2017, 4.3% of businesses incorporated in Ontario were owned by at least one Francophone. This represents a total of 30,150 businesses, or nearly 50% of Francophone businesses outside of Quebec. (Source: Fédération des gens d’affaires francophones de l’Ontario, June 2022)
  • The Ontario government’s approach to Francophone Affairs is based on two complementary strategies. The French Language Services Strategy and the Francophone Economic Development Strategy aim to recruit and train a skilled bilingual workforce, increasing the availability of front-line services in French and supporting Francophone and bilingual businesses to participate fully in the province’s economic development.


Exciting News For Local Charities, Non-profits and Indigenous Governing Bodies in North Simcoe

Government of Canada announces National Funders selected to support charities and non-profits. Huronia Community Foundation will distribute the Community Services Recovery Fund to charities, non-profits, and Indigenous Governing Bodies

The Minister of Families, Children, and Social Development, Karina Gould, announced that Community Foundations of Canada alongside the Canadian Red Cross and United Way Centraide Canada have been selected to distribute funding to help a broad and diverse range of charities, non-profits, and Indigenous Governing Bodies adapt and modernize, so they can support pandemic recovery in communities across Canada.

The Community Services Recovery Fund is a one-time investment of $400 million that will help charities, non-profits, and Indigenous Governing Bodies to acquire the tools they need to adapt and modernize so they can better support pandemic recovery in communities across Canada.

Since the early phases of the pandemic, charities, non-profits, and Indigenous Governing Bodies have struggled with increased demand for their services, reduced revenues, declines in charitable giving due to the rising cost of living, and a greater need to make use of digital tools as part of adapting and modernizing their operations.

Funding from the Community Services Recovery Fund will enable charities, non-profits, and Indigenous Governing Bodies to invest in their own organizational capacity to:

  • adapt the way they deliver services to support the needs of their staff and volunteers;
  • buy equipment such as computers and software;
  • create new ways of working, such as developing new fundraising approaches;
  • provide support for staff and volunteers, such as staff training, supports for mental health and well-being; and
  • develop plans to receive funding from diverse sources.

As a result of the investments provided by the Community Services Recovery Fund, charities, non-profits, and Indigenous Governing Bodies will be better equipped to improve the efficacy, accessibility, and sustainability of the community services that they provide.

The application process will launch on January 6, 2023. For more information visit www.communityservicesrecoveryfund.ca.

Scott Warnock, Executive Director, Huronia Community Foundation


Nick & Marina Boudouris Match

Giving Tuesday Donations* to GBGH Foundation.

GBGH Foundation raising funds for new Patient Bathtub for GivingTuesday

Global Day of Giving Takes Place this Year on November 29th.

November 21, 2022 – The Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation is raising funds for a new patient bathtub this GivingTuesday, the world’s largest generosity movement and considered by many as the opening day of the giving season.

In honour of this international day of giving, the GBGH Foundation is asking individuals, businesses and organizations to help purchase a new accessible, therapeutic bathtub ($33,500) and ensure patients at Georgian Bay General Hospital have access to comfortable, healing and relaxing baths to assist in their recovery.

The current bathtub on the 2N inpatient unit at GBGH is 45 years old. Replacement parts are no longer available, making it nearly impossible to service, and its outdated design makes it difficult for patients to get comfortable. New tubs are specially designed to accommodate patients with mobility challenges, allowing them to reap the great health benefits of bathing while they are ill. The new tub is also designed with comfort in mind, with adjustable height and multiple shower wands, and features specialty functions for cleaning sensitive skin.

To help the Foundation achieve their goal to purchase a new patient bathtub, Nick & Marina Boudouris have offered to match all donations on GivingTuesday, up to a total of $10,000.

“Our hospital is so important to the community. We want every patient to have access to a warm, therapeutic bath to help in their healing,” says Nick Boudouris, owner of OPA Catering, the World Famous Dock Lunch and Pier 21 Restaurant. “I challenge all of our local businesses to join me in supporting this campaign – I’ll match your donation dollar-for-dollar* so we can buy this new tub for our friends, neighbours and loved ones.”

Businesses, media and individuals can get involved by joining the conversation on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, sharing their own personal stories of care at GBGH on social media, and making a donation on Tuesday, November 29th. Anyone wishing to make a gift can text the word GBGH to 20222, or go to https://gbghf.ca/giving-tuesday/.

*Donations will be matched up to a total of $10,000.

Cutline 1: Nick & Marina Boudouris, owners of OPA Catering, the World Famous Dock Lunch and Pier 21 Restaurant, have offered to match all donations (up to a total of $10,000) to the GBGH Foundation on GivingTuesday, November 29th, 2022. The GBGH Foundation has a goal to buy a new Therapeutic Bathtub ($33,500) for the hospital through this one-day fundraising campaign.


Springwater News Welcomes Jason George

Springwater News welcomes Jason George as a contributor. Thank you Jason. There are many talented people in our community. Jason George just released a book and has also been published in Reader’s Digest and Our Canada.

In 2006, Jason began teaching high school Business, Geography, Physical Education and Health classes. After spending 8 years in the classroom setting, Jason found himself saying farewell to the school and relocating to Wasaga Beach. With his new found locale and flexible schedule, he was able to further his photography career while also spending time in nature and working with those who have special needs. Jason has travelled to over 35 countries to explore and photograph. His presentations are full of passion, experience and some unbelievable stories from his adventures abroad. Jason will be sending in articles periodically for your enjoyment.



Waypoint Receives Certificate of Merit from Excellence Canada

Waypoint is pleased to share it is the proud recipient of a Certificate of Merit from Excellence Canada recognizing the hospital’s many years of commitment to workplace mental health and wellness.

As an Essentials Recipient Waypoint is part of a group of businesses and organizations being recognized with a Mental Health at Work® Award, the requirements of which include the implementation of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with this recognition for our first year participating in the Excellence Canada awards and share my thanks with everyone involved in the work leading up to the award,” said Dr. Nadiya Sunderji, President and CEO. “For many years our human resources and organizational development team, leaders and staff across the hospital have worked hard to develop and implement activities supporting our extensive psychological health, safety and wellness program. We know from this first recognition level that we have the essentials in place and can continue to learn and grow to make Waypoint the best place to be for staff and patients.”

A team representing Waypoint attended the Canada Awards for Excellence on November 7th to receive the certificate.

“I wish to share my thanks with the HR and OD team who developed our submission based on our vast psychological health, safety and wellness, and other work on employee engagement these past years,” says Demetrios Kalantzis, Vice-President People and Chief Human Resources Officer. “With this recognition we know we are on the right track as we stay focused on this important employee support. Special thanks to Liz Everett, Josh Mace, Nicole Mace and everyone who dedicated time to reviewing our program and activities and filling out the substantial application. This is a great example of our commitment to quality improvement as we measure ourselves against industry standards and gain ideas for how we can continue to enhance what we are doing.”

The hospital plans to continue to work towards higher levels of Excellence Canada recognition in the coming years. To learn more about Waypoint visit their website at www.waypointcentre.ca.


Board of Directors Names GBGH Team Members as Exceptional People Award Recipients

The Board of Directors of Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) has announced the 2022 recipients of the Exceptional People Awards. The Board of Directors’ Exceptional People Awards are announced annually to recognize staff and professional staff (physicians, midwives, dentists) who have made exceptional contributions to GBGH while exhibiting the hospital’s values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence and the vision of Exceptional Care, Every Person, Every Time.

The recipients of this year’s awards represent a cross-section of team members from across the organization and include the following teams/individuals:

Quality and Safety Award

  • Environmental Services (Housekeeping)

Over the pandemic, the Environmental Services department has played a critical role in not only ensuring quality and safety at the hospital, but also in enhancing the patient experience. It is common for the hospital to receive positive feedback about this team from patients and family members who recognize their many contributions to care. An empathetic conversation with a family member, or going above and beyond to ensure a patient’s comfort, are daily occurrences among these exceptional professionals. Also, with new and changing information about necessary cleaning protocols to ensure infection and prevention control, this team adapted to any task and performed their critical responsibilities with attention to detail and steadfast professionalism. The team also contributes greatly to patient flow, as they efficiently respond to discharges with thorough cleaning that promptly frees up a bed for another waiting patient.

  • Janine Duquette (Infection Prevention and Control lead) and Judy Schell (manager, Occupational Health and Safety)

Janine Duquette (photo on left)  and Judy Schell (photo on right) are being recognized for their unwavering commitment to ensuring the GBGH team was kept informed and safe during the pandemic. With countless hours of overtime in the interest of the GBGH team and patients’ safety, Duquette and Schell’s coordinated efforts touched nearly every staff member. Whether it meant providing infection prevention and control education, counselling staff/professional staff through illness and return-to-work scenarios, staying informed on the many and frequently changing Ministry and public health directives, or tracking PPE inventory usage and potential shortages, their combined work exemplified everything about quality and safety leadership needed during the pandemic.

Accountability & Sustainability Award

  • 2 East inpatient unit

The 2 East team is being recognized for their incredible contributions to save lives, advance health equity and protect the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. With half the unit allocated as a COVID-19 hot zone, this team’s dedication and integrity never faltered during some of the most challenging times of the pandemic. Although faced with significant challenges organization-wide, the nursing, clerical and allied health staff on this unit always showed up for each other and patients, working together tirelessly to share the burden of caring for a majority of the admitted COVID positive patients at GBGH.

Vision Award

  • Dr. Dan Lee (co-chief of Emergency and COVID-19 medical lead)

Dr. Lee is being recognized for the countless hours and invaluable effort he put into his role as COVID-19 Medical Lead. In addition to always fulfilling his many responsibilities as Chief of Emergency, throughout the pandemic Dr. Lee took on additional duties as our resident expert for all aspects of COVID-related medical knowledge. He participated in regular provincial and regional round table meetings to share and gather information about the latest COVID-19 research and public health measures, as well as advise the hospital and the community about necessary steps we must all take to reduce viral transmission.

  • Maggie Trace – Professional Practice Leader (PPL) and CARE4 Project site co-lead

In both her roles as a PPL and the site co-lead for a major electronic health records project, Maggie Trace has demonstrated tenacity in her purpose of ongoing learning and teaching. Trace consistently demonstrates integrity and hard work as she mentors her peers and shares knowledge to continually improve patient care at GBGH. Respected by peers and hospital partners alike, Trace assisted in leading GBGH’s transition to a new electronic health record system – one of the largest projects in the hospital’s history.

“The Board’s Exceptional People Awards are the highest honour bestowed by the hospital for exceptional contributions to the hospital’s strategy and patient care – whether it be through any of our three strategic themes or a compilation of GBGH’s essential values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence,” says Tim Kastelic, chair, GBGH Board of Directors. “Every year it is difficult to pick just a handful of team members among so many exceptional people, but that is a positive challenge the Board welcomes. I am so honoured to be affiliated with an organization where high standards of excellence are prevalent across so many healthcare professionals within our hospital.”

In 2021, the entire GBGH team was recognized with the award for their resilience and contributions during the pandemic, including persevering with the details of daily operations, their compassion and dedication to patient care, and for their ability to achieve progress on other major projects which still had to move forward.


GBGH Welcomes Two New Senior Leaders

Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) has recently welcomed two new senior healthcare leaders to its executive leadership team. Marcia Chapman, vice president of Performance and Support Services and chief financial officer (CFO) and Angela Wiggins, vice president of People and Culture and chief human resources officer (CHRO) are bringing years of valuable healthcare experience and highly-specialized expertise to the hospital.

“GBGH is pleased to welcome both Marcia and Angela to these important leadership roles and looks forward to the many contributions both will make to the service our hospital provides the community,” says Matthew Lawson, president and CEO, GBGH. “Marcia’s experience in both hospital finance and corporate services will be invaluable for GBGH as we continue making changes and improvements within the corporate services portfolio. During a time of health human resources challenges across the province, Angela will work together with the GBGH team to ensure we are an employer of choice both for new recruits and current staff.”


RVH Auxiliary Marks International Volunteer Day With $1-Million Donation

Dec. 5 on International Volunteer Day, the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) Auxiliary made a landmark $1-million donation to help people get the care they need, when they need it, at RVH.

“We are incredibly proud to announce that we are able to make a $1-million donation to RVH Foundation’s Keep Life Wild campaign, which includes helping to fund the future and much-needed expansion of the health centre’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,” said Lise McCourt, president, RVH Auxiliary. “These funds were raised through the loyal support and hard work of our volunteers and all who participated in our fundraising activities, including our wildly successful Community 50/50 draws.”

International Volunteer Day was designated by the United Nations in 1985 as a day to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism. The RVH Auxiliary began in 1897 when a group of volunteers saw the need to raise funds to support the purchase of bed linens and other supplies for patients at the hospital. To date, the RVH Auxiliary, known affectionally as the Blue Brigade because of their blue volunteer vests, has raised over $15 million for patient care and donated immeasurable gifts of time and kindness.

In addition to her role as an Auxiliary leader, McCourt is also a patient-facing volunteer. She wants the community to know about the important role volunteers play in the healing experience of patients and families.

“Patients rely on us for a helping hand, a reassuring smile when they are feeling scared or worried, and for our kind words during difficult times,” she explains. “I am proud of the impact our volunteers have on the lives of so many.”

The work of the Auxiliary volunteers is vital to the patient experience at RVH.

“After a two-and-a-half-year COVID hiatus, our volunteers are once again lighting up the hallways of the health centre with their smiles and iconic blue vests,” says Gail Hunt, RVH president and CEO. “We have relied on the Auxiliary’s assistance for 125 years and while their physical absence was felt throughout RVH, especially by our patients, they have continued to cheer us on and raise much needed funds.”

The Auxiliary will play a crucial role as the health centre expands to meet the growing needs of the region, pledging $5 million overall to the campaign to be raised and donated over the next several years.

“Today is a day to recognize the power of volunteerism, and we couldn’t be more grateful to the RVH Auxiliary for its ongoing dedication to the betterment of healthcare in our region,” said RVH Foundation CEO Pamela Ross. “Our Keep Life Wild campaign will raise $100 million to build a bigger health centre with more beds, reduced wait times and more specialized care closer to home. It’s because of supporters like the RVH Auxiliary that we can ensure world-class care is available for the communities RVH serves now, and into the future.”

Find out more about how RVH and its supporters like the RVH Auxiliary plan to keep life healthy and wild for Simcoe Muskoka at keeplifewild.ca


50th Year Update!

Fifty years ago, in the Elmvale Lance, I announced… “I am so excited! I have just had parents! Michael and Margaret Ann were so excited to see me when I arrived at Penetang General Hospital, Wednesday, November 29th, 1972. I can hardly wait to get home to Elmvale to see my big brother, Timothy.”

I thought it was time for an update.

I have since welcomed a brother named Jamie and a whole bunch of cousins, all boys. I went to University in Ottawa, came home, got a pilot’s license and then completed an apprenticeship to be an aviation mechanic.

I found me a girl with Flos Township roots and with her, became the pride of the Jacobs clan when in 2007 we became parents to the first Jacobs girl in 53 years. To prove it was not a fluke, we produced another girl in 2009. To round it off, we got ourselves a boy in 2012. Along with my wife Amy, the four of them have made an impression on OLOL school and the oldest is one of EDHS’s athletes.

We live in Springwater Township, and I operate my business out of the Edenvale Aerodrome.

Please look for my next 50 year update in 2072.

Christopher Alexander Jacobs


Under The Glass – The Sorry Sister Multiplicity Problem

Under the glass is a column in which we try to take you the reader upwards in a journey of fun and knowledge ,with the hope at the end you will be wealthier both financially and knowledge wise from your investment of time in it.

The sorry sister multiplicity problem is a circumstance that happens when a buyer  manages to “corner the market”. There were over 15 XYZ12s at the sale .I got them all for a great Price.

You look triumphantly over your treasure. You need one for your  collection, you have 11 surplus what do you do?

As a professional buyer, the sorry sister multiplicity problem is a danger and a opportunity.

When the owner goes to sell he will get great money for the first one or two, less for the next three, even less for the next three, and will not be able to give away the rest, why?

Think Cinderella.

The last ignored object has had all the desire removed from it as the desire was fulfilled with the first entrants. As we get down to the Cinderella part, all the pomp circumstance packaging and image management had already been spent on the first few. The last one was unpromoted, unpackaged left over almost abandoned.

As a professional buyer these Cinderella assets become throw- ins when I am negotiating to buy .

We are there for a certain object that is the focus and the pricing is based on what we think we can get from such asset. Often it is a highly desirable asset, we will be forced to pay near market, just to acquire, which will leave little room for profit. You may hear Car guys use the expression “all the money” meaning there is no money left in the deal.

As a Pro buyer I realize that the sorry sisters, those unloved unwanted bloom is off the vine assets, are where my profit will be, if I am being forced to pay market price for an item.

I look for sorry sister opportunities and often, if they don’t exist I try to create them by bundling.

Bundling is where a used goods buyer will purchase based on a pile or a group,which allows them to get sorry sister assets for much less than if they were being purchased on an individual basis.

What does this mean to you? As a seller, understand that the buyer, if a pro, looks at the overall value return equation, and is quite willing to lose or breakeven on some things to acquire others.

As a seller, you must ensure that you bundle the items that will be hard to sell individually with the easy to sell assets. By bundling them, you will monetize the things that otherwise will be hard to move.

Unsure what to do? Call a reputable used goods company who trades at all ends of the market. Truly professional organizations will always ensure they are meeting the customers needs, satisfying there requirements and be able to make enough out of the transaction to justify their time and involvement.

Under the glass is a column by Mr. David Kai a well versed knowledgeable industry pundit in collector and investment grade markets. With over 45 years of actual industry experience, his columns provide insight and as he says, ”He hopes to provide rationality evaluating to asset class based  investment decisions.”

A published author nationally and a well known TV and radio commentator on investments and asset classes, Mr. Kai, tries to provide insight to move away from the  hype towards rational behaviour.

Currently he is a senior advisor to various corporations active in the auction, estate, investment grade acquisition and management of collections, with a special interest advising on emerging activity oriented  and  advocation oriented groups on investing in investment grade asset classes.




Christopher Grenier of Penetanguishene has $1,418,967.40 to put toward his dreams after winning a LOTTO MAX second prize in the October 14, 2022 draw.

Christopher says he plays the lottery once a week. “I play my own numbers – all family birthdays,” he shared while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up his winnings.

The 41-year-old was at the store when he discovered his big win. “I checked my ticket at the ticket checker, and I thought it was a joke,” he said. “I called my work and told them I wasn’t coming in and then went home and told my wife.”

Christopher plans to purchase a house and take his family out for dinner to celebrate.

“It’s overwhelming . . . but in a good way!” he concluded.

OLG is booking in-person prize claim appointments at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. We strongly encourage those with claims between $1,000 and $49,999.90 to submit them online or mail them in. Submitting claims online is fast and secure. Customers with prizes over $50,000 are asked to call 1-800-387-0098 to discuss available prize claim options.


New Path Youth and Mental Services Receive Grant

New Path Youth and Mental Services is honoured to be the first recipient of a grant from the Bimbombay Memorial Fund at HCF.  The fund was established by Jane Courtemanche in memory of her son, Duncan.  Bimbombay is the name of the family cottage where Duncan enjoyed his childhood and extended family.  Sadly, Duncan took his own life after a long struggle with depression.

The grant will help support the Quick Access Child and Youth Mental Health Clinic offered by New Path for children, youth and families aged 0-18.  In Midland, New Path provides mental health support to young people at the Youth Wellness Hub located at 287 Bayshore Drive.


National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Hosted by: Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie


Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Venue: Barrie City Hall Rotunda.

Opening remarks and presentation: 6:00-7:30 PM

December 6 is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women in Canada. Established in 1991 by the Parliament of Canada, this day marks the anniversary of the murders in 1989 of 14 young women at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal, who were killed because they were women 30 + years later, the effects of this tragedy are still felt, and gender based violence continues to be an issue. Opening remarks and presentation, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. As we commemorate the 14 young women whose lives were taken in 1989, guests will also have the opportunity to reflect on the women who have been murdered in 2022, all due to gender based violence. Participants will be encouraged to identify their CALL TO ACTION. What can we do as a community to end violence against women and stop the murders of women and young girls? We hope you will join us in being a partner for change. Wear your purple or purchase a purple scarf or tie to show support to those who have and continue to endure gender-based violence. Purple scarves and ties can purchased at https://barrieshelter.com/shop/ Pre-register for the event online HERE. For more information contact: Deb James 705 817 1189 or deb@barrieshelter.com


City introduces online booking service for Specialized Transit

The City has launched a new online booking service, through which existing Specialized Transit clients will now be able to book and manage their trips online, as well as view their upcoming trips in real time.

Specialized Transit is a door-to-door shared ride accessible public transit service intended for persons unable to use Barrie Transit’s conventional accessible fixed-route system due to a disability.

“This user-friendly online service will further enhance the Specialized Transit experience by giving clients more control over managing their trips in a convenient and highly personalized way,” says Brent Forsyth, Director of Transit and Parking. “Ultimately, this will reduce wait times, improve efficiencies and increase ridership.”

The online booking service will be available 24/7. Specialized Transit clients will still be able to book trips, make changes, confirm their trip or cancel their trip via telephone through a booking agent.

Learn more about Specialized Transit and access the booking service via barrie.ca/SpecializedTransit.


Canada’s First All-Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Facility Opens in Ontario

GM Canada’s transformed CAMI plant helps secure Ontario’s place as global automotive hub

Today, the Ontario government is celebrating the opening of General Motors of Canada’s (GM Canada) first full-scale electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant in Ingersoll and the first BrightDrop Zevo 600s to be made at the facility. With support from the province, GM Canada has transformed its CAMI manufacturing plant into an all-EV manufacturing facility, the first of its kind in Canada. This project helps secure the province’s position as a global automotive hub with the vehicles of the future being built in Ontario by Ontario workers, from start to finish.

“Today’s exciting, made-in-Ontario milestone is more proof that there is no better place to build the cars of the future from start to finish than right here in Ontario,” said Premier Doug Ford. “From the critical minerals in the north to our manufacturing excellence in the south, Ontario has every advantage and will continue to build on our legacy as a global automotive leader for decades to come.”

The CAMI plant will be GM Canada’s designated EV hub for its new all-electric commercial vehicle brand BrightDrop. As part of today’s grand opening, the first BrightDrop Zevo 600s also rolled off the CAMI EV line, marking a new chapter in EV production in Ontario.

In April, GM Canada announced an investment of more than $2 billion to transform its CAMI and Oshawa manufacturing plants and improve operations across all of its manufacturing and R&D facilities in Ontario. This investment was supported with $259 million in funding from the province.

“This is truly an exciting day for Ontario as we celebrate the grand opening of GM Canada’s transformed CAMI manufacturing plant and the first all-electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Canada,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. “Watching the first BrightDrop vehicles roll off the assembly line, it is clear that Ontario will build the cars of the future. Our government continues to attract transformative investments by creating the right economic conditions and reducing red tape.”

The size and scope of this investment will accelerate the speed of Ontario’s 10-year vision for the Driving Prosperity ― The Future of Ontario’s Automotive Sector plan. Phase 2 of Driving Prosperity is an important part of the government’s plan to transform the province’s automotive supply chain to build the cars of the future, including the production of hybrid, battery EVs, EV battery production and increasing exports of Ontario-made auto parts and innovations.

Over the last two years, Ontario has attracted $16 billion in transformative automotive investments by global automakers and suppliers of EV batteries and battery materials. This includes more than $12.5 billion in EV and EV battery-related manufacturing investments.

“Congratulations to GM CAMI on the launch of the BrightDrop electric vehicle. It makes me proud to say that this new technology and innovation is happening right here in Oxford.”

– Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford

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