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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Springwater residents,

As a fellow resident of this wonderful community, I must share my concern.

Recently, great work has been done to improve the rail trail for so many to enjoy, this is fantastic and very much appreciated.   The trail has been widened, raised and levelled.  It is a wonderful way to get out and enjoy nature, exercise ourselves and our dogs.

My concern is why are some of the users not respectful of others on this trail.  Believing I’m not alone in this request, if you are exercising your pet PLEASE clean up after them.  DON’T let them do their business in the middle of the trail and leave it there.  Plenty of sticks to use to move it off to the side, use waste bags, or at least train your dogs to do their business off to the edge of the trail.   Be responsible and at least respectful to the community that uses this trail.

Dianne Cox


Letter to the Editor

Inflation has forced up the price of commodities by 7% across the board, more than that for food and fuel.  The Ford government has reams of statistics confirming the escalating costs, but in passing Bill 124 he is restricting to 1% increases in salary to public sector workers. Do the math, every public sector worker must accept a 6% reduction in their spending for the number of years Doug Ford is in office.

Of course an Ontario court overturned this law as it interferes with the workers right to bargain.  But the premier plans to challenge the judge’s ruling. Really?

The public sector workers in Ontario must accept what Doug Ford wants to give them?  And 1% is fair? (I must be reading a Dicken’s novel.)  Who is this man? The banks this week reported billion dollar profits – the wealthy are doing well while the working class is pushed closer to the poverty line.

Doug Ford and his party members (all of them earning on the high side of $100,000) should learn to live with less, not the nurses and TAs who are turning to food banks to feed their families.

Joffre McCleary

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