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Township of Springwater Council Corner

The Township of Springwater Council continues to be busy this week reviewing the draft 2023/2024 Multi-Year Budget and Business Plan. The 309-page document was released on January 9th and is available to view at: www.springwater.ca/budget

Below is the schedule for budget deliberations. The full schedule of budget deliberation live-stream links, video recordings and documents are available through this link: springwater.ca/budget

  • January 16th, 4 pm (Budget Presentation to Council)
  • January 18th, 1 pm (Service Partner Presentations)
  • January 20th, 9 am (Budget Deliberations)
  • Another meeting will be added. The date is to be determined.
  • February 15th is tentatively slated for budget approval. Still to be determined.


This year, Staff and Council are considering a budget for two years rather than just one. The budget for 2023 will be finalized and approved and then the budget for 2024 will be approved in principle, subject to finalization in the fall of 2023.

The preliminary 2023 Tax Based Operating budget, excluding program changes, proposes a 2.68% property tax increase when blended with the County of Simcoe estimated tax increase of 3.5%, and a 0.0% increase in education taxes.

For an average residential property assessed by MPAC at $493,000, the tax impact of this blended increase of 2.68% is $111.24 per year or $9.27 per month over 2022. For every $100,000 of residential assessment above or below the average, the tax impact is increased or decreased.

There are 13 Program Changes being proposed for the Township, which includes items such as a Water/Wastewater Rate Study, Fire Prevention Officer/Public Educator, and an additional 1% Capital Infrastructure Reserve. Additional proposed program changes can be viewed at: https://www.springwater.ca/en/township-hall/resources/Documents/Budget/2023-Budget/Tabling-of-Budget-Presentation.pdf

With proposed Program Changes included, the preliminary 2023 Tax Based Operating budget proposes a 3.52% property tax increase when blended with the County of Simcoe estimated tax increase of 3.5%, and a 0.0% increase in education taxes.

In this case, for an average residential property assessed by MPAC at $493,000, the tax impact of this blended increase of 3.52% is $145.78 per year or $12.15 per month over 2022. For every $100,000 of residential assessment above or below the average, the tax impact is increased or decreased.

For every dollar the Township collects in property taxes, $0.49 is allocated to the provision of Township services; $0.33 is remitted to the County of Simcoe and $0.18 supports education.

In addition to the Tax Based Operating Budget, the water rate is budgeted to increase 2% and the wastewater rate is budgeted to increase 5% for residents using these municipal services.

Residents are able to submit comments and questions related to this proposed budget by Thursday, January 19th at 4 pm by emailing clerks@springwater.ca or filling out an online form at www.springwater.ca/budget.

The budget is tentatively set to be approved on February 15th. This date has not been finalized. Springwater News will report on budget deliberations in the next issue as well as request comments from Council members about the proposed budget.

The budget meetings date changes will be posted online at:  www.springwater.ca/budget.



Jennifer Coughlin: Mayor

George Cabral: Deputy Mayor

Matt Garwood: Councilor Ward 1

Danielle Alexander: Councilor Ward 2

Brad Thompson: Councilor Ward 3

Anita  Moore: Councilor Ward 4

Phil Fisher: Councilor Ward 5

To Contact: https://www.springwater.ca/en/township-hall/mayor-and-council.aspx


MP Shipley Encourages You to Participate in Valentines for Vets

Every year, Veterans Affairs Canada invites Canadians to thank our veterans by submitting handmade Valentine’s Day cards that are then distributed to veterans in long-term care facilities across Canada. The Valentines for Vets program reminds our veterans that they are not forgotten and provides Canadians an opportunity to thank them for their service and the sacrifices they made for our freedoms.

This would be a fantastic educational opportunity for Canadians of all ages and a great art project that can be completed in the classroom or at home. While the veterans who receive the valentines may not meet the Canadians who made them, they are truly appreciative and cherish the messages.

Send your completed valentines by February 1st to:

Valentines for Vets

Veterans Affairs Canada

Commemoration, Distribution Unit

125 Maple Hills Avenue

Charlottetown, PE C1C 0B6

Any valentines received after the deadline will be kept for distribution the following year.

For guidelines, message ideas, and additional information, you can visit the Valentines for Vets webpage at: https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/classroom/valentines-for-veterans

As always, if you or your family have concerns with any federal matters, please contact me at 705-728-2596 or doug.shipley@parl.gc.ca.


Doug Shipley, MP



Update From Doug Downey MPP

Ontario Government Funding Operation of Third MRI at the Royal Victoria Regional Care Centre

The Government of Ontario is funding the operation of a third magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine at the Royal Victoria Regional Care Centre (RVH). Recently, MPP Doug Downey and MPP Andrea Khanjin made the announcement of the funding in partnership with Gail Hunt, the new President and CEO at the RVH. Currently the RVH operates two MRI mac hines, both of which are funded through the Ministry of Health.

The province of Ontario is providing over $6 million to support operational funding hours for up to 27 new MRI machines in hospitals, including 13 hospitals that currently do not have an MRI machine. This funding builds off the previously announced $30 million investment into base MRI funding and will be annualized to over $21.6 million in 2023-24.

Supporting increased MRI operating capacity in Otnario will help reduce wait times and increase access for patients needing an MRI. In addition, this investment will provide better and more equitable access for patients living in small and rural communities and allow them to receive necessary and critical diagnostic imaging closer to home.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a non-invasive medical imaging techniques that uses magnetic fields and radio waves to take detailed pictures of organs and tissues in the body. MRIs are used to diagnose may health problems, including brain injuries, heart disease and various tumors and cancers.

As part of its Plan to Stay Open: Health System Stability and Recovery, the government is adding more than 150,000 one-time additional operating hours in 2022-23 for hospital-based MRI and CT machines, ensuring better and more equitable access to diagnostic imaging services.

The Ontario government is investing over $300 million in 2022-23 as part of the province’s surgical recovery strategy, bringing the total investment to approximately $880 million over the last three fiscal years.

Before the third MRI at the RVH can become operational, the unit must be purchased by the hospital. For anyone wishing to participate in the RVH’s fundraising campaign, please visit www.keeplifewild.ca. For more information about the provinces Plan to Stay Open, please visit www.ontario.ca


Passing of David Onley, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

It is with great sadness that the Town of Midland joins Ontarians in remembering David Onley, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

On behalf of our Council, the entire administration, the Town of Midland Accessibility Committee and our residents, I offer sincere condolences to the family of David Onley. He was a passionate advocate for making this province accessible for Ontarians and worked tirelessly to help remove barriers for all people with physical disabilities.

Mr. Onley was born in Midland, and the Town had the great privilege to honour him at a civic reception along with members of our Accessibility Committee in 2007 after his appointment as Lieutenant Governor. On June 12, 2013, the Town officially dedicated David Onley Park to honour and recognize his achievements in championing disability issues in Ontario.

In memory of David Onley and in honour of his legacy, flags have been lowered to half-mast at the Town Hall.

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