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Sports – A successfull 2022

Sports – A successfull 2022

Sports with Patrick Townes

After a successful 2022 season, Blythe Latimer of Wyevale is gearing up for the 2023 Snowcross Season! At just 8 years old, 2023 marks her 5th season racing snowcross with the Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA). In the 2022 CSRA National Points Standings Blythe finished 2nd overall in Pro 206 1 and 3rd overall in 120 Stock 2. This year she is moving up to two new classes: Novice 200 1 and Pro 206 2. With the support of her sponsors (Latimer Excavating, Bruce Almond Drywall, Line-X of Barrie, Clearview Heating & Air, and B&B Towing) she plans to attend all scheduled CSRA events this season taking place across Ontario.  There also may be an event held in Quebec.  Just cross your fingers so Blythe gets the snow she needs and that no races get cancelled/postponed!

The first scheduled race was to be held at Georgian Downs in Innisfil on January 27th to 29th, however due to the lack of snow the event changed locations and was held in Lindsay.  Overall, Blythe had a very successful weekend.   On this past Saturday, in the Pro 206 2 class she earned a 5th and 3rd placing in her heat with a combined finish for 4th overall.  In the Novice 200 1 class she earned a 4th and 1st placing in her heat, and then came 3rd in the final race.  The results from this past Sunday included a 3rd and 4th place finish for 4th overall, and then finally another 1st and 2nd place finish in her heats with a 4th place in the final race.

Blythe is very excited to get the season started and having a local race to kick things off. There are sure to be many family/friends in attendance to cheer her on at the track. Keep up with this season’s fun by following Blythe on Instagram & TikTok at @ LatimerRacing.  After this past weekend and evaluating her results, Blythe is excited for the rest of the season and will be chasing that gold medal!  Congratulations Blythe.   The Elmvale Curling Club was proud to host the annual Global Controls Group Cash Spiel this past weekend. This is the 20th annual event and has operated continuously, other than during the Covid-19 years. The event has run historically with 12 to 16 teams from all over Ontario.  A team from Calgary has also attended the last two events and are eager to return.   There remain teams who still participate in the event who participated in the original spiel.

The overall winner of the event was the Bill Irwin team from Barrie.  Bill noted during the awards that he has attend every event except for one, including the approximate 7 years the spiel was put on before the Global Controls Group took over as the title sponsor.  It is estimated that the event has run for 27 years overall.  The winner of the “A” event was comprised of Chris Krasowski (4th Rock), Don Campbell, Ryan L’Abbe, and Bill Irwin (Skip).  A picture of the Irwin team is included in this article.  The “A” runner up was one of the teams from Stroud comprised of Andrew Thompson (Skip), Stephane Lauzon, Dave Thompson and Kent Cheesman.  The winner of the “B” event was won by another team from Stroud, skipped by Brandon Tippin, Tim Cornfield, Matt Pretty and Jeff Newburn.  The “B” event runner up was the local team skipped by Larry Fleming, Darryl Prout, Trent Turner and Jaymie Townes.

Global Controls Group Inc. is an industry leader in Programmable Logic Controls, Human Machine Interface, Robotic Controls, and Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition.  The company was founded by Allan Johnstone and Kevin Swan, who have sponsored both a curling event and gold event in order to raise proceeds for the local food bank.  Since the last curling event, the company is under new ownership and the new owners graciously supported the event again in 2023.  Following donations from both the Andrew Thompson team from Stroud and the Bill Irwin team from Barrie, the event raised $1,400 for the local food bank.

Over the years, the community has also contributed so much to this event.  Along with the title sponsor, there are many local people and businesses that contribute to this event.  Again, without the support of the sponsors and our volunteers, the event would not be possible.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the event.

Global Controls Group Cash Spiel

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Global Controls Group (Al Johnstone)

Hardship Acres Landscaping Inc. (Kevin Fay)

Steelers Restaurant and Pub

Orr Lake Golf Club (Jason Harris)

Mooney Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Randy Mooney)

Lynn Stone Funeral Home

Fleming Electric (Kevin Fleming)

Innovative Automation Inc.

Gary Edgecombe C.A.

Century Masonry (Will Schepers)

MHBC Planning (Patrick Townes)

Bounce Back Physiotherapy (Corrie Wimmer)

Will Marshall Insurance (Will and Colin Marshall)

BMR Elmvale (George Begley)

Comco (Gord Thompson)

Point to Point Communication (Tim Belcourt)

Raymond James (Paul Bouzis)

Northern Automotive Solutions (Jason Craddock)

Ice Hoss (Bryan Wilson)

Solly Family Dentistry

Turner Construction (Trent Turner)

Max Meat



Pickleball Is For Everyone

Pickleball is for everyone. It’s purported to be the fast-growing sport in North America. It’s addictive, fun, entertaining, competitive, recreational while promoting health and camaraderie.

To meet the popularity, the Town of Midland has approved funding for the expansion of the pickleball courts at Tiffin Park to eight from four. Thanks-go to Council for their progressive thinking.

The courts at Tiffin Park are open to all individuals in the community. With eight courts, Tiffin Park could become a pickleball destination centre that would attract new residents and visitors.

Pickleball has experienced significant growth in the last five years. It is a sport for all ages, and abilities. You can play indoors at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre seven days a week


The “Not the Scotties” Bonspie Hosted by Elmvale Curling Club

On January 7, 2023 the Elmvale Curling Club’s Afternoon Women’s League hosted a new event, “The Not the Scotties Bonspiel”. Teams from the Elmvale, Midland, Coldwater and Stayner curling clubs competed for cash prizes, and all the participants creatively interpreted the “Spots and Stripes” event theme!

Congratulations to Team Barb Brinkmann from Midland CC who won the 1st Draw, and Team Linda Corkum from Coldwater CC who captured first place in the 2nd Draw.

Special thanks to Paul Stevenson of Tim Horton’s, Barrie and Bryan Wilson of IceHoss Curling for their generous support of the new event!


Senior Curlers Go Golfing (1998)

The Friday afternoon Senior Curlers have learned the recipe for fun;

Make competition secondary while you enjoy the camaraderie of everyone.

So when a phone call came proposing golf, I accepted the invitation

Even though I normally try to avoid this expensive form of summertime frustration.


When the twenty-four of us got to Orr Lake the day was both sunny and warm;

Some golfers complained they should have been back home haying on the farm.

Bob Newman registered the golfers, and then he verified the count;

He said he’d be checking when we finished to see if we still had the same amount.


He said you have to be on the lookout for difficulties when you organize a “seniors scrum”.

But he felt a whole lot better with Doc MacKenzie in the middle foursome.

Now, a round of golf that’s played with seniors isn’t short on entertainment;

A lot of golfers learned to play approach shots from a rather treed environment.


I’ll spare the reader of all those details that cause golfers unwanted embarrassment;

I don’t want to be excommunicated from this group where my winters now are spent.

We finished up and headed for the Curling Club for our noonday rendezvous

Where Ed Reynolds and Allan Brown impressed us with their skills on the barbecue.


Win Downey won for the ‘longest drive’, Kevin Healey for landing ‘nearest the pin’;

Jack Downey got named ‘honest golfer’ although a lot had scores like him.

Low score for the seniors’ tournament was Boots Ritchie’s claim to fame

Although Ron McAuley and Gary Turner had attained scores that were just the same.


Special thanks goes out to Ed Reynolds, Bob Newman and Allan Brown

For bringing the “Old Gang” back together when our winter retreat has been shut down.

I’m a “non-descript” at golfing, and I guess my curling wouldn’t open any eyes,

But I sure look forward to a beer and burgers, and a place to tell some lies.


June 98 – Small Town Philosopher


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