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Editor’s Choice

I want to take a moment to thank all my contributors for making this paper a true community paper.

Thanks to Patrick Townes for contributing over the many years as the Springwater News sports reporter. He took over from his father, Mike Townes, a former reporter of the Springwater News. He has done a fabulous job and although he cannot continue the work because of his busy schedule, I really want to extend my appreciation for all the work you have done – thank you!

Another note of thanks goes to Dominika Zapolink, Springwater News’ newest reporter. She completed her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University) and recently completed her master’s degree in professional communication from Royal Roads University. She started out her career writing for the Caledon Enterprise and reporting for CTV News in Lethbridge, Alberta and now works in the not-for-profit sector. We are very lucky to have such a great resource in our community – thank you!

In this edition there are articles and pictures of our community coming together during this ever-changing weather. It is heart-warming to see the great success of community events and I look forward to including even more in future editions. Please send me a note if you have an event coming up. I’d love to share it with the community.

Our world is fast becoming dependant on digital technology. Many festivals, including the Sweetwater Festival in Midland is only accepting online ticket purchases, Toronto sports events require a cell phone or internet to purchase tickets for a game, internet banking requires two step authentication which sends a code to your cell phone, airlines require a cell phone with a bar code, CRA assessment is accessible through the internet, and even proof of COVID vaccinations required the internet and a printer. The list goes on.

What we are missing is that we have an aging population in Canada. In Springwater, 16.8% of residents are 65 years of age and older. Grant it, some have adapted to digital technologies, but many seniors prefer more traditional forms of communication. What about the residents that cannot afford to access digital technologies? Where are AODA accessibly laws to protect people that can’t afford or do not have the ability to learn this ‘new language’. Our libraries have services to assist with internet but how do they travel to get there? Many readers of this paper drive, phone in or mail in items to be placed in this paper. I have received many thanks from readers for the community updates, as they tell me they do not have any other means of obtaining it. My goal is to continue to be accessible to all residents and strive to keep the paper in print to serve this community. Read on and enjoy the crispness of the paper as you turn the pages.

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