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Sports – Sunday Mixed League

Sunday Mixed League Curling Winners

With the arrival of spring another Sunday Mixed League curling season at the Elmvale Curling Club comes to a close. This league offers two sessions, and is enjoyed by a fun, multi-generational group of curling enthusiasts! Congratulations to the winners and much thanks to the games committee Frances Stevenson and Carol McMann. New curlers are always welcomed!

1st Tuesday winner: Skip Trish Campbell / Joanne Downey, Sue Henry, Beth McRae, Carol McMann

1st Thursday winner: Skip Diane Kenney, Kate Boris (absent), Heather Milligan,  Lucille Kennedy (absent)

2nd Tuesday winner: Skip Diane Kenney, Bonnie Locke, Ruth Hurst

2nd Thursday winner: Skip Diane Kenney, Barb Fralick, Deb White, Kim Adshade

3rd Tuesday winnner: Skip Joanne Downey, Heather Mepham, Cathy Borchuk

3rd Thursday winner: Skip Mary Lynne Vander Wielen, Fran Stevenson, Lucille Kennedy (absent), Heather Mepham

1st Session Winners of the Lou “Dad” Turner Memorial Trophy were Skip Holly Pullen, Vice John Stevenson, Second Blake Anderson, Lead Darlene Hamelin. Trophy presented by Doreen Turner.

2nd Session Winners of the Mom and Dad’s Trophy were Skip Bryan Pullen (absent from the photo), Spare Skip John Stevenson, Vice Tye McCutcheon, Second Brenda Anderson, Lead Darlene Hamelin. Trophy presented by Marlene Tinney.


Big Night For Kempo Students

Sensei Martin and Sensei Patti of Double Dragons Martial Arts (705-322-6951) Wyevale were pleased to present next level belts to a large group of their students earlier this month.

Angus Adams – Orange / Green, Octavius Cobbett – Yellow, Maverick Quesnelle – Yellow

Mya Dorion – Yellow, Hailey Quesnelle – Yellow, Xander Klatt – Yellow and Brody Thompson – Orange

Absent from the photo was Kingston Brueton who also received his Yellow Belt.  All students train twice a week in the same class at the private club, receiving instruction in the art of Chinese Kempo, as well as, self-defense and safety awareness.

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