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Editor’s Notes:

I would like to thank the readers and supporters of the Springwater News that have reached out to me recently. I am flooded with emails, texts and calls of support and disappointment in Township of Springwater Council’s decision on the change of communication methods with residents. I could have filled the whole paper with the letters and comments.

A common misconception by some members of council is that the Springwater News is not being read by residents in the south. How can this be backed up factually? Is there a way to know this for certain? The advertising in the paper from business, non-profits and community groups in the south tells me that this is wrong.

Cindy Stone Schutt of Phelpston has started a petition to “Keep communication in the Springwater News! I do not want a direct mailer!.”  The Canadian government is funding in part, small community papers to keep democracy alive. Our government at the provincial and federal levels continues to support Springwater News and I am grateful for that.

As of May 22, 2023 there were 351 signatures on the petition. I know council members email in boxes are inundated. I emailed council but have not received a response as of May 23, 2023.

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