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Minesing Moments by Lorrie Norwood

by Lorrie Norwood

This spring weather is certainly challenging each of us as we try to figure out what to wear each day.  As I write this I curse myself for having removed the snow brush from my car last weekend.  My windshield was coated in a thick layer of frost and I had to turn on the seat heater and defrost before I could start my drive.  It’s mid May for heaven sakes.  Come on warm weather!

As I am sure folks have seen there are several houses that have been placed for sale and have sold in the last couple of weeks.  We hate to see our neighbours leave however we do wish them all well in their new homes wherever they may be.  We would also like to welcome new neighbours into the village.  You have found a fantastic area to move into.  We are a great village with support for each other when there is a lot of snow, help when you need a hand and eyes when you may be away for a few days.  We also welcome you to join in our activities that we have locally.  There is golfing at Springwater Golf Course, skiing at Snow Valley Ski Resort, events at the community centre which also holds our own little gem of a library and a bowling alley in the basement of the same building.  There is a baseball league for children and even a men’s league.  For those of you who may be computer savvy, you can look up our web page at www.minesing.ca and you can look to see all that we have to offer.  There is also a Facebook page that you can find out many things, upcoming events, items for sale, services offered, even questions about what’s happening in our village.  Questions about Sirens going off, power outages, or if someone had something occur at their house and want to alert others.  You can find it at “Minesing Community Page”.  Check these social media sites out if you are new or even if you haven’t had the chance to take a peek yet.

Thursday was a very solemn day for the police community of the Ontario Provincial Police and for all police services across the nation.  Sergeant Eric Mueller of the Russell County OPP Detachment in eastern Ontario near Ottawa is being laid to rest after being shot and killed in the line of duty.  Two other officers were also shot during the same incident.  One officer is still hospitalized while the other was released. Our community is located in OPP service area and we appreciate the work they do every day to serve and protect our communities.  It is important to show our local police services that we have their backs just as they have ours. The last six months have been extremely difficult as there have been 10 other officers across our country that have been killed in the line of duty.  These are all senseless acts of crime and something needs to change.  When in times of need we call the police to assist.  When they need assistance, it is our turn to support them.

Black flies have arrived in abundance.  I’m sure the mosquitoes won’t be far behind.  Be sure to keep your grass cut and any items that are holding water be dumped to alleviate nesting grounds for these critters.  Also be sure to check yourself and your pets for ticks this year, apparently they are around in large numbers.

Until next time, please be sure to hug your loved ones a little tighter as life is precious.

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