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Minesing Moments by Lorrie Norwood

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Where has summer gone?  I am sure I am not alone when I say that this year has flown by.  I saw a funny joke the other day and it read…2023 is going like this:  Jaaannnnnuuuuuaaaarrrryyyy, Feeebbbrrruaaarrry, Maarrrcchh, Appriiilll, Mayy, JuneJulyAugust…and I think it’s right!  If you think of it another way, we can use that saying that flies when you are having fun right?

That being said, I hope you have each taken some time to enjoy yourself with whatever you like to do.  It seems as though camping has become extremely popular as you watch the roadways around our area.  There is a high number of trailers being towed and the long weekend was evident of this!  I know many families concentrate on activities for their children during the summer months, with soccer, baseball, cycling being a few.  The day camps in our area also make great ways to keep the children busy.

With the number of mosquitoes that have been in our Minesing area it has been a bit of a challenge to sit out as much.  The frequent rain has added to that pesky situation.  A reminder to take a look around your property for anything that may be holding onto water and hosting a breeding ground for more mosquitoes.

It’s a shame the gas prices are so high to add to the increasing cost of everything else out there. I just saw its 171.9 today (Monday) and it makes you feel nauseous!  It appears we just have to spend more and more money with absolutely everything we do.   As I am sure you all agree with me, it’s frustrating to sit back and watch and continue to pay higher prices for each and every item we have to pay for…I like to think that at some point it will end but it’s hard to believe that it move backwards after it’s gone so far in this direction.

The students will be heading back to school soon.  The excitement of seeing friends and new teachers and being in a grade higher will be running through their minds.  We wish parents, students, teachers and all school staff the best of luck as they begin this school year.  Good luck to all those who graduated public school and will be entering high school and those who graduated high school and are entering college or university.  These are big steps in your life, enjoy them and make good choices!

To all of the Minesing Moments readers, I thank you for continuing to read our small section in the Springwater News and if you have anything you’d like to add for others to see such as upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, announcements or items of interest in the Minesing area, please feel free to email me at lorachalli@sympatico.ca and I will be sure to get it into the next issue.

Until next time, remember that one kind word can change someone’s entire day.

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