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Just Family Invests in MRI for GBGH

Aug. 21, 2023 – On August 3, 2023, Debbie Just and Scott Warnock delivered a cheque to the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation for $507.70 from the Jake Just Endowment Fund. The donation was made through the Huronia Community Foundation and will be designated to help bring an MRI to GBGH. Debbie shared that she knows her son Jake would be proud to support his local hospital, especially the MRI Fund, as her husband has travelled outside the community for this important diagnostic test in recent years. By GBGH Foundation


Neighbourhood BBQ Raises Nearly $40K for MRI

Aug. 21, 2023 Midland, ON – On July 29, 2023, John & Margaret Leonardo hosted a BBQ for their Cedar Ridge community. This year, instead of bringing food to share, John & Margaret asked their guests to make a donation to the Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) Foundation to help bring a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine to the local hospital. Collectively, guests contributed $39,125 to the event, far exceeding John & Margaret’s expectations.

“We are new members of the Penetang Lions Club, and attended a meeting where we first heard about the MRI project at GBGH,” said John. “We knew immediately that we wanted to do something to bring awareness and support for the campaign, and thought we may be able to raise about $5,000. We have such admiration for our guests and neighbours for their generosity, and are honoured to be able to celebrate a great investment in our local hospital.”

The Penetang Lions Club made a gift of $2,000 to the event, supporting their newest members. John & Margaret’s neighbours also contributed items for a small silent auction at the BBQ, offering an additional way for guests to get involved. Scott McCuaig, from Eden Tree Design, was the successful bidder of a gift certificate donated by Alex Murray of Northern Excavating & Barging, adding $4,000 to the event total.

“It is so powerful, and inspiring, when someone in our community steps up to take action, as John & Margaret did,” says Nicole Kraftscik, CEO, GBGH Foundation. “This BBQ helped to ensure their entire community knew about the MRI project, and inspired such generosity. Imagine the collective impact on our hospital if other neighbourhood groups do something similar, and come together to give back to our local hospital.”

Nearly 4,000 patients from North Simcoe travel a minimum of 80 kilometers roundtrip to get an MRI each year, and many more are unable to get this critical diagnostic testing if they are unable to travel to Barrie or Orillia. Improving access to MRI technology for all residents of North Simcoe is a top priority for the Midland hospital.

“Operationalizing an MRI at GBGH will dramatically reduce wait times across the entire region,” says Matthew Lawson, president & CEO, GBGH. “We know this is critical for our community, and so we are doing everything we can to fast-track the process, targeting the first quarter of 2025 to scan our first patient.”

The Foundation has a goal to raise $4-million over the next two years, to ensure the hospital can proceed with the purchase and installation of the MRI in 2025. As of today, $1,351,905 has been raised toward


Town of Midland Launches New Online Submission Process for Planning Applications

(August 22, 2023, Midland ON) The Town of Midland continues to improve its internal processes and create efficiencies where possible by helping development applicants navigate the Planning approvals process with a new online submission portal via the Town’s website.

“The launch of this new online program is a significant improvement to the development application review process at the Town of Midland,” said Mayor Bill Gordon. “The goal of our Planning department is to enhance the customer experience for developers and businesses so that they can continue to grow and prosper in our Town.”

The new process provides a central, secure location for applicants to submit their applications and supporting documents digitally. It also facilitates a more streamlined intake, improving communication between applicants and Town staff through the application process.

The following application types can now be accessed through the Town’s website:

  • Consent (including land severances and easements)
  • Minor Variance
  • Official Plan Amendment
  • Site Plan Control
  • Subdivision and Condominium
  • Zoning By-law Amendment
  • Pre-Consultation Requests
  • Preliminary Review Requests

In addition to the online forms, new Information Sheets can be found on the Town’s website as a valuable starting point to help members of the public better understand certain Planning Act application types and their related processes.

“Transforming the planning application process is an important first step for Midland as we move toward implementing a more fulsome planning application software in the near future,” said Steve Farquharson, Acting Director of Planning, Building and By-law.

Applicants can access the new online Planning forms by visiting the Planning and Development webpage at midland.ca/planning and selecting the required application type.

Submitted by Brittany Carlisle, Communications Coordinator, Town of Midland


GBGH adds ERCP to Surgical Program to Improve Access for Local Patients

August 17, 2023 – Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) has added a new service to its growing surgical program in an effort to better serve its community. The hospital anticipates completing up to 100 endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedures annually using a new piece of equipment called the C-Arm. ERCP is an advanced endoscopic procedure performed to access and repair bile and pancreatic ducts.

“ERCP is an important procedure for patients experiencing post-surgical complications such as a bile leak, malignant biliary obstructions and choledocholithiasis, which occurs when there are gallstones in the common bile duct,” says Dr. Katherine Aucoin, general surgeon, GBGH. “I am very pleased we can now bring ERCP to local patients, as well as others across the region who may not have access to this procedure in their home hospital.”

Emergent ERCP procedures will be performed by Dr. Aucoin for GBGH inpatients, as well as inpatients from other hospitals where they do not have this service available. Outpatients in the community who require this procedure on a semi-urgent or elective basis, can be referred by a physician to Dr. Aucoin at Bayside Surgical Associates.

“GBGH is committed to continually providing patient-centred care that aligns with the needs of the community we serve,” says Dr. Vikram Ralhan, chief of staff and emergency physician, GBGH. “By expanding our services, we are improving access and bringing care closer to home for local patients. We will also continue to pursue equipment and technology, such as the C-Arm, which helps us improve patient experiences, outcomes and access to care. For all these reasons, the continued growth of GBGH’s surgical program is a priority for this hospital.”


Ontario Supporting More Innovation in Cybersecurity

The Ontario government is investing up to $5 million to help Canadian Cyber Threat Exchange (CCTX) launch the Ontario Cybersecurity Excellence Initiative that will help Ontario companies develop and adopt cybersecurity technologies that enhance data security and protect company assets from cyber threats and other advanced technologies. Developing and adopting critical technologies like cybersecurity will increase Ontario’s competitiveness around the world and create highly skilled jobs in the province’s growing tech sector.

CCTX, a non-profit, cyber-threat sharing hub and collaboration centre, will receive up to $5 million through the province’s Critical Technology Initiatives program to launch the New Ontario Cybersecurity Excellence Initiative in partnership with Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Toronto Metropolitan University’s national centre for training, innovation and collaboration in cybersecurity. The initiative will provide raining and support to entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses developing and adopting cybersecurity solutions and will empower Ontario-based technology startups to solve key cybersecurity-related challenges.

The province’s $107 million Critical Technology Initiatives funding supports programs led by not-for-profit organizations to accelerate the use of critical technologies by Ontario companies and enable the development and adoption of innovative made-in-Ontario solutions. Critical technologies, such as 5G, ethical artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity and robotics, will help Ontario companies increase productivity, open new revenue streams, create highly skilled jobs and enhance global competitiveness.

Ontario has one of the largest information and communications technology (ICT) sectors in North America and is home to over 400,000 ICT workers. Ontario’s technology sector is primarily centred around the Toronto, Waterloo and Ottawa regions. Ontario has more than 340 small and medium-sized businesses focused on cybersecurity, with many notable clusters located in these tech regions.

The Cybersecurity sector is expected to contribute (US) $400 billion to the global economy by 2027. As part of the 2023 Ontario Budget, the province is providing an additional $1 million per year for three years to Invest Ottawa to expand into a Regional Innovation Centre hub for Eastern Ontario and offer its extensive range of programs and services to help businesses launch, grown and succeed in the region.


Beware the Unfunded Shareholder’s Agreement

When working with business owners with partners, I always ask to read their shareholder’s agreement.   Sometimes, I get the deer in the headlight look from the person across from me. Either they don’t know what that document is, or they do and then I hear:

“We haven’t finished it yet.”

“The lawyer is still working on it.”

“We haven’t signed it yet.”

To understand why a shareholder’s agreement is important, let’s use an example:

Bob and Adam are equal business partners in BA Plumbing Inc.  The business is very successful.  Revenues are north of $ 1 million and growing, they have 3 employees, and the business is just 5 years old. Bob is married to Cathy.  I ask Adam, to envision Cathy, a dental hygienist.  She doesn’t have any skills in the trades, let alone plumbing, and doesn’t understand how they operate the business.

During my meeting with Bob and Adam, I advise them that Bob has theoretically died.  Bob willed all his assets to his wife, Cathy, which included Bob’s 50% ownership of BA Plumbing Inc.   Adam is now in business bed with Cathy.

A shareholder’s agreement is a legal contract that a lawyer draws up.  It will specify how to break up if the business partners are no longer getting along.  It will detail what happens if a business partner becomes disabled or dies.  Most importantly, it will put a price tag on the value of the shares.

Adam and Bob did sign their agreement which stated that on the death of either partner, the value of the deceased’s share is $500,000.  Therefore, on Bob’s death, Cathy is expecting a cheque for $500,000 from Adam for Bob’s shares.

Except, Bob and Adam missed the final step.  They didn’t fund the agreement.  Adam just bought a new house and doesn’t have the ability to re-mortgage.  He could sell some corporate assets, but there isn’t enough to fulfill the obligation, and income taxes will be triggered. Adam is stuck.

The cheapest dollar a business owner will ever spend is on a life insurance strategy to fund a shareholder’s agreement.

Please reach out if you have questions on how to manage this risk in your business. At Tayler Insurance & Estate Planning our solutions are simple and tax efficient.  We help business owners grow their wealth and plan to protect their legacy.

Taivi Tayler, RRC, CLU

Certified Financial Planner


May Court Club Gives $34,000 to Student Awards

The May Court Club of Barrie proudly supports 17 students attending post-secondary colleges and universities with $2000.00 each in student awards.  Presented to the students by Bev Jackson and  Ann McGee with volunteers of the May Court Club of Barrie in front of the May Court Shop – Ladies Consignment Clothing. Students are Ann McGee (Convenor Student Awards Committee), Ella Grant, Melanie Vasquez, Jordyn Chase, Marcus Wong, Bev Jackson (President), Paula Pedwell, Ashley Montgomery, Sean Hakami, Meda Tolvaisaite, Amanda Duck, Lylah Mitton, Jan Duffus.


Ontario Making Progress on Work to Build at Least 1.5 Million Homes

Province announces next steps in its plan to increase the supply of homes of all types – Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Aug. 22, 2023 – Today, Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, addressed delegates at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference. He spoke about the progress the government is making on its plan to get at least 1.5 million homes built by 2031 as well as the next steps it is taking to tackle the housing supply crisis in communities across Ontario.

Minister Clark announced that the province intends to appoint regional facilitators in Durham, Halton, Niagara, Waterloo, York and Simcoe County by September 11, 2023. These facilitators will be tasked with assessing local governance structures in these communities to ensure they are prepared to support future growth and meet the needs of their residents, particularly when it comes to building homes and housing-enabling infrastructure.

Minister Clark also announced the next steps in the province’s work to update the provincial definition of affordable housing, which will support the government’s efforts to lower the cost of building affordable homes. The government intends to introduce changes to the Development Charges Act that would, if passed, incorporate income factors in addition to market factors in this definition. To ensure low- and moderate-income Ontarians in all parts of the province can find a truly affordable home, affordable homes that meet the province’s definition would be eligible for discounts and exemptions on development-related fees, to help lower the cost of building, purchasing and renting affordable homes across the province.

“Our government remains intently focused on helping Ontarians find the homes they need and deserve,” said Minister Clark. “We are working closely with our municipal partners to ensure they have the tools they need to meet their housing targets and will keep fighting to reach our goal of 1.5 million homes by 2031.”

The government will continue to work with other levels of government, industry and non-profit partners in order to achieve shared housing goals.


Georgian Shores Swinging Seniors

Members of the Georgian Shores Swinging Seniors met at The Place in Balm Beach to show their appreciation to the German Canadian Club of Midland for funding their new Patio. Paul Quick, vice-president, explained how the old patio needed to be replaced and how the money from the German Canadian club made it possible. The club is looking forward to hosting more outdoor activities for its members and guests, said Paul Quick.


Ontario Honours the Outstanding Contributions of Volunteers

Aug. 24, 2023 TORONTO – The Ontario government is recognizing over 3400 community volunteers through the 2023 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards. The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards recognizes adult and youth volunteers for their outstanding contributions and years of continuous service at organizations such as non-profits, schools, community centres, hospitals, libraries and community associations.

“Volunteers touch our lives in so many ways and help to make our province one of the greatest places to live,” said Michael Ford, Minister of Citizenship and Multiculturalism. “We are proud to recognize their efforts through the Ontario Volunteer Service Awards and are grateful that Ontarians continue to step up to support their communities.”

Volunteers nominated by an organization will receive a personalized certificate and lapel pin celebrating their years of service during one of the local award recognition ceremonies taking place between August to October 2023. The awards recognize adult volunteers for five to 65+ years of continuous service in five-year increments and youth volunteers for two or more years of continuous service.

Recipients for 2023 support a wide range of organizations and causes, including those serving vulnerable people, hospitals, senior centres and after-school, community and food security programs. These volunteers also participate as board members, help fundraise and strengthen the arts, culture, heritage and recreation sectors.

For more information about the program or to submit a nomination for next year, please visit the Ontario Volunteer Service Award webpage. The deadline to nominate someone is November 15 each year. Nominations received after the deadline will be considered in the following year.


There’s Money in Your Stuff

Let me teach you the difference between


This is a column by Mr David Kai for VMLC. David Kai is a published author nationally, a TV and radio commentator on investments, asset classes, collector and investment markets.

Foundations Of Wealth Building Habits That Are Fun.

Foundations of rainy-day capital (money)

You probably have heard the expression” put that away for a rainy day”. Possible Meanings: Don’t spend it now, spend it later or save it, till you need it or It will go up in value, if you can just keep your mitts off it. Of course, the alternative comments are: I could be dead tomorrow, so spend it now or inflation will destroy any value it has, so enjoy it now or I won’t enjoy what I could do with it now, when I’m older. Rainy day savings of capital (money) is an excellent place to practice investment grade and appreciating collectible management. In effect, buy something you like. If it’s displayable, so much the better. Put it in a place, where it’s presence will pay you. How will it pay you? With happiness. With joy. And with satisfaction.

In certain circumstances, It will provide you bragging rights, with friends, colleagues and like

minded advocates. It will or may create a degree of jealousy like,” when did you get that” or “where did you find that” from the others not as fortunate or as well connected as you .

Of course, if they were all clients of VMLC or a similar organization, they would have access to

the unique, cool, special, hard to find, limited, and highly sought after.

Yes, being a client of VMLC has many benefits, and one of them is being a member of the

VMLC founders’ group. More on that next time.

Until then enjoy the rush of being one of the limited numbers who are in the unique position of

having individuals say to them,” Where did you get that?”


THE BEAT by Linda Belcourt, editor and Provincial Constable Lindsay Giffin

Aug. 28, 2023 – On Aug. 22, 2023, Linda Belcourt, Editor of Springwater News had the pleasure of meeting P.C. Lindsay Giffin to learn more about the workings of the OPP and community newspapers. P.C. Lindsay Giffin stated, “I worked almost 17 years with the Toronto Police Service and transferred to the OPP in 2017.  I am currently in my 21st year of policing.  I have been the Media Relations and Community Service Officer at the Huronia West Detachment since March 2023” . This monthly article is intended to highlight some of the great things that our police do for our community and to bridge the gap between community members and OPP.

Many Community members that have lived in their community for many years reminisce about the ‘Good Ole Days’ when people knew all the officers and the officers lived in the same community. I remember the day when the threat of an officer, while on the beat,  telling your parents about a particular incident was worst then the thought of a night in jail. Yes, they knew our parents. Times change, communities grow, and we grow with them. I think the police get a bad rap a lot of times. I can’t imagine the courage it takes to face each day not knowing the dangers they might face. They are facing people that they do not know the parents’ names.

Our local detachment, for the whole of Springwater Township and Clearview is Huronia West Detachment and is in Wasaga Beach. That is a very large area to get to know the names of the community members. The command staff is Inspector Leah Gilfoy and S/Sgt Kevin Convey . There is a large area of expertise comprising of a variety of officers.  Officers who work primary response, Marine Unit, ATV trained officers, snowmobile trained officers, bike officers, ERT (Emergency Response Team) officers, motorcycle officers,  traffic officers, crime unit, street crime.  Court officers and amazing admin staff.  The detachment is committed to serving the community.

If you have a question for P.C. Lindsay Giffin or the editor please send it to the ‘good news’ newspaper  at info@springwaternews.ca or call 705-790-1993.


Midhurst – More Games and Contests at Autumnfest!

Aug. 27, 2023 – The Midhurst Community Recreation Association (CRA) received a lot of great feedback from our community survey. One of the biggest things we heard was: more games and contests at Autumnfest!

We’re pleased to announce several new and returning activities for the whole family this year:

– Apple Pie Baking Contest—bring your baked apple pie to the Info Booth for judging at 11 am.

– Midhurst Photo Contest—email a photo of your favourite spot in Midhurst to info@villageofmidhurst.ca to be displayed for voting.

– Pumpkin Carving Contest—bring your carved jack-o-lantern to the Info Booth to be displayed for voting.

– Watermelon Eating Contest—fastest wins!

– Gardening Contests—including most unusually shaped vegetable, longest carrot, heaviest tomato, and best flower arrangement. Bring submissions to the Info Booth.

– Veggie Creature Contest—make a craft out of a garden vegetable to be displayed for voting. Visit the Info Booth to show us your creation!

Games include:

– Gourd painting—paint and gourds are available at the Fair.

– Watermelon eating—fastest wins!

– Tug-o-war

– Mini-pumpkin bowling

– Egg toss—pick a partner and toss an egg back and forth, moving back a step after each throw.

Prizes include gift certificates to many great local businesses, including Linda’s EatingPlace & Coffee Shop (1027 Bayfield St N), Nicholyn Farms (3088 Horseshoe Valley Rd W), and Midhurst Pharmasave (94 Finlay Mill Rd).

Midhurst Autumnfest is Midhurst’s annual fall fair, held on Saturday, September 30 from 10 to 3 at the Midhurst Pavilion, 41 Spence Avenue. For more info, visit villageofmidhurst.ca/autumnfest. The schedule of the day will be posted there closer to the date.


Craighurst Women’s  Institute August Meeting

Aug, 22, 2023 – CWI met once again for lunch in the Craighurst Park, on lawn chairs, near the apple tree yet far enough away the apples didn’t fall on our heads.  We lunched and chatted and caught up on everyone’s doings.  One member has been caring for four orphan kittens, from day 5 of their lives.  “Can you believe it,  I was up every two hours syringing milk through silicone teats that I got from amazon.  That proves you can get anything from amazon – anything!”  Oh, we all cried,  can you get a new sidewalk?  Can you get a new railway crossing?  No, she replied,  they don’t ship those things to Oro.    Another member has been in her pool every day – the word waterlogged comes to mind, but no she said she wasn’t.  Another member  had made 36 egg salad sandwiches for a funeral and was just a shell of her former self.

Then the meeting started in the usual manner. Roll call was “what has been your summer highlight so far?” Mentions of cottages and theatre and Michelin starred restaurants came out.  For business matters,  we decided to write to the CPR, to ask them to smooth out the crossing on Penetang Road.  It is so bad it could swallow an unsuspecting wheel chair if one ever went over it.  It is so bad one could twist their axels and score a ten at the Train Crossing Olympics.  It is so bad CPR now stands for Clank Plonk Recked.  It is so bad the County of Simcoe has even put up a tiny “bump” sign, which should be fifteen times bigger including flashing lights.  All you readers out there cross the CPR on the Penetang Road at your peril.  We may even approach the Mayor of Craighurst to voice our complaints.  Once we elect one.

September we will resume indoor meetings at St John’s Church,  Upper Room.  We will let you all know how the CPR answered.  Till then, Gentle Readers, stay safe.      By Sheila Craig


It’s Not Just Cans – DID YOU KNOW?…It’s not all pasta and canned goods? Due to the generosity of so many the food bank is able to provide a wide range of products including fresh produce, dairy products and personal hygiene items…

Recently Matt Phillips delivered fresh blueberries courtesy of Mark & Maria of The Blueberry Place. A local grandmother matched the earnings of her grandkid’s lemonade stand and their profits were happily handed over to the food bank. The Woodland Beach Bums donated $500 and a whole lot of grocery items after their annual pig roast. Kathy Bungay, owner of The Goofie Newfie food truck was able to provide a generous amount of groceries and a cheque for over $900, a portion of her weekend profits, after challenging her patrons to fill a boat with food. And sweet Caleb, who recently turned 5, asked his party guests to provide food to support the food bank. We certainly appreciate such wonderful and creative support! Please remember to support our local businesses.

By Debbie Craddock


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