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Anten Mills by Dennis Gannon

Anten Mills CRA held a successful Town Hall type gathering at Anten Mills Community Center this past Saturday Sept. 9, 2023.

The coffee social included hot free coffee, donuts and juice. Councillor Brad Thompson was joined by Councillor  Matt Garwood and were on hand to show some community support.

The focus was to welcome new neighbours to the community. It was well attended and they were able to recruit a couple of new members for our CRA.

by Brad Thompson and co-author Linda Belcourt, Editor


From my last column, one prediction came true. The temperature did not rise to 30 degrees or more for the rest of August. The beginning of September on the other hand gave us several days where we were 30 plus. According to my weather station, the warmest day was September 6 when it recorded 32.6 degrees. Now if we can keep it in the low to mid 20’s for the next few weeks it would be enjoyable.

You may have noticed our National Flag flying at half mast over the past several days. Sunday, September 10 was Firefighters’ National Memorial Day. This day recognizes the lives of many firefighters, volunteers and career, who died in the line of duty. They may not have died fighting a fire but many died from occupational illness from the many toxins that they were exposed to over the years. Their names are inscribed on a memorial wall in Ottawa and on the second Sunday of September, they are honoured for the sacrifice they gave. Fortunately there are no names of any Springwater firefighters on the wall nor from the former departments which make up Springwater. Hopefully it will remain that way. On Monday, September 11 the flags again remained lowered as we remembered the tragedy that shook the world on 9-11 when the terrorist attacks shook the world as we knew it and changed forever the way we travelled. The flags will be lowered again on Sunday, September 24 as it is Police and Peace Officers’  National Memorial Day as we remember those who protected us and lost their lives. It will be a more poignant day as locally three of these brave individuals lost their lives tragically over the past year in the line of duty. We will remember all of them.

This past weekend was eventful in our community. On Saturday, the Anten Mills Community Recreation Association held a coffee break at the community centre. In years past, the Saturday after the long weekend in September the community got together for a family fun day. There were games for the kids, baseball and horseshoes along with a BBQ and corn roasts. It was a way to get the community back together after a summer apart. The coffee break was seen as a way to get neighbours to stop by and say hello and see what is going on or coming in the next few months. Thanks to Ward 3 councillor Brad Thompson who was in attendance and Ward 1 councillor Matt Garwood who stopped by and engaged with those who came. This was a great opportunity and hopefully may become a semi-annual event.

Sunday was the last day to get fries and poutine from the long standing community establishment, The Fry Guy. The community wishes Joanne the best as she has stepped full time into a well deserved retirement. When Matt informed me that they were closing for the season he stated “One thing for sure is that it’s amazing to be part of this community and we do feel so lucky to be so well connected to everyone. It really is the hardest part about closing each season”. The future is still in the air for the Fry Guy as the property has been for sale and Matt and Becky have other careers so we wish them all the best and thank them for being a well established part of our Anten Mills community for more than 25 years.

Travelling to Barrie along Wilson has not been without its challenges for the past couple of years. With work south of Highway 26 closing it for many months last year and the roundabout work currently happening it has slowed the commute for many. Signs have been erected now north of Highway 26 indicating more construction on Wilson. Fortunately it shouldn’t be too long of a delay as they are rebuilding the roadway near the one bridge which has a significant hump. This was planned in the budget for this year and should make it a bit easier on the vehicles when completed.

If you have friends who come or you like to bike along the trails, you will be happy to know that there is now a bicycle repair station and rack located at the community centre in front of the pavilion. The township received a grant and installed several of these throughout the municipality, primarily along the trail system. The repair station has tools to help with most minor repairs and it will be a great starting point for those looking to bicycle along the rail trail.

Our community has in the past been very supportive of the Elmvale and District Food Bank. Over the years we have held many food drives to assist them and our support has been greatly appreciated. The Springwater firefighters have also been huge supporters and again this year all Springwater firefighters and stations are coming together for a one night huge food drive blitz. On Wednesday, September 20, firefighters will be joining together for the Stuff The Truck Food Drive.  They will be travelling along every street in the village gathering food for the food bank. You will hear and see them coming and you can leave your donations at the end of your driveway for them to pick up. The food bank often advises what they need for their bank so watch the Anten Mills Community Bulletin Facebook page for updates leading up to the evening and when the firefighters reach us that night.

Saturday, September 30, the Anten Mills Artisan Craft Fair is going to take place at the community centre from 10 AM to 2 PM. This annual event is a perfect way to show your support and shop locally. There are over 25 local artisans, crafters, foodies and authors participating and it will be a great event. There are two highlights to the event. The first is a pancake breakfast in support of the food bank. You can get 2 pancakes and 2 sausages for 2 toonies starting at 10 AM until they run out. Also this year, the Lost Boys Hope dog rescue organization will be there with a meet and greet with puppies available for adoption. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss this great day put on by the Anten Mills CRA.

Unfortunately Ontario suffered the most lives lost by fire in 2022 with over 130 people perishing by fire. To put this in perspective, in all of Canada slightly more than 150 died due to impaired driving. This is not a number that should be accepted. One family who lost a loved one through fire is one too many. In most cases the cause is due to a lack of working smoke alarms. On Thursday, September 28 you are asked to join in and be Saved by the Beep. All residents of Ontario are being asked to take the time that day, check that their smoke alarms are up to date and work and practice a home fire escape with their family members. Do this for your family and let’s get the number down to zero.

In the last column it was noted that Chloe Hassberger was on a golf championship row. Since that time she has claimed yet another title, that being the U15, girls Simcoe County Junior Girls Champion. From the Anten Mills community, congratulating Chloe on a very successful season.

That’s all for this week, THANKS for READING and BE WELL.

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