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Bands in the Sand, Music on the Beach, Busk ‘til Dusk

Whatever you want to call it, Chris Figgures Brings Music, Unity, and Joy to Our Community

With the warm breeze of summer caressing the shores of Tiny Township, a beloved weekly tradition has returned, transforming Balm Beach into a lively hub of music, laughter, and community spirit.  As the sun sets over the picturesque shores, every Thursday throughout the summer, the township comes alive with the soothing sounds of music, thanks to the dedication of one remarkable neighbor – Chris Figgures, the founder of Busk ‘til Dusk at Balm Beach. Chris’ unwavering dedication to orchestrating this delightful weekly musical soirée has not only fostered a sense of togetherness but has also breathed life into our community, turning ordinary Thursday evenings into memorable summer traditions.

In a world often marked by busy schedules and fast-paced living, Chris Figgures has made it his mission to bring Tiny Township residents together through the love of music. Every Thursday evening local talents turn Balm Beach into a vibrant gathering for the community to enjoy. This simple yet heartfelt initiative has had a profound impact on our community.

Thursday evenings in the summer have become an eagerly anticipated social tradition, bringing all ages and backgrounds together. Families flock to the sandy shores and groups of friends sway to the melodic tunes. It’s a magical playground for children as well. The kids gleefully play in the sand, dance to the rhythm of the music, and enjoy the carefree joys of childhood, all under the open sky, surrounded by the splendor of nature, a wholesome showcase of this paradise we call home.

For many residents, this event serves as a welcomed respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It offers an opportunity to pause, soak in the beautiful scenery, and reconnect with neighbors and friends. “Chris Figgures has truly created something magical here,” says longtime resident. “It’s a moment each week where we can forget about our worries and just enjoy life.”

What makes the Busk ‘til Dusk initiative even more remarkable is Chris Figgures’ selflessness. As a father of three children and a busy work life, he still finds time to dedicate his precious time, energy, and expertise. His motivation has been to see the smiles on his fellow community members’ faces, the bands to show their talents, and to foster connections amongst the residents and visitors of Tiny Township.

Local businesses have indeed seen an increase in patrons during these Thursday gatherings, as people grab a bite to eat while on the beach. The music and camaraderie draw people to the area, and the ripple effect gave a boost to the local economy. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

As the sun sets behind the bay, casting its golden hues across the beachgoers, it’s evident that Chris Figgures’ dedication has enriched the lives of many in Tiny Township. His Thursday beach music events are not just gatherings; they are a testament to the power of community, music, and a good-hearted neighbour’s embodiment of our community’s spirits.

Tiny Township’s Busk ‘til Dusk stands as a beacon of unity, reminding us all that the simplest acts of kindness and community-building can create waves of positivity that reach far beyond the shoreline. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Chris Figgures who has truly struck a harmonious chord in our hearts.  We are looking forward to another glorious season in 2024. By Kim Tran

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