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Editor’s Notes

North Simcoe Springwater News is growing. Making to move to distribute to North Simcoe was an easy one. Midland and Penetanguishene have been so welcoming from business’, readers and especially from the Mayors. I am growing and need more staff. I will strive to bind the communities together so that we may keep our sense of small town community.

We are fighting the small town feel with the large growth that is happening in our area. With large growth comes new comers. Let’s welcome them. It is very hard to move to a new area and the “regulars” or local “circles” sometimes forget that it can be overwhelming to make new friends. It is hard to meet neighbours. It is natural to shy away and we feel we don’t want to bother anyone. Just do it! Walk next door and say hi to your neighbour. Maybe you know them but you haven’t talked in a while. Have wanted to meet that new neighbour but just haven’t made the move? Just do it! What will happen when hundreds of new homes are built, the people are all new to the area and don’t engage? That would be tragic to not know your neighbours.  I recall being a new comer to Toronto when I was 18 years old. I was raised on a farm and wide eyed. While taking the TTC, I soon recognized people taking the same route as me every morning. I naturally said a shy, “Hi” and immediately got a ”Strange Young Lady On Board” look and they moved their seat. Let’s keeping saying hi to one another. We need to keep that local home town feeling and it will happen only if we care enough. Let’s keep the community connection and I strive to help with that through the North Simcoe Springwater News. Shop Local everyone, tis the season for giving!

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