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Springwater’s Mayor Statement on Proposed Boundary Adjustment

We, the Council of the Township of Springwater, understand that there are reports circulating regarding the City of Barrie annexing lands from the Township of Springwater. We stand aligned and committed to making decisions that protect the interests of Springwater residents.

The Township of Springwater has been approached by the City of Barrie regarding their desire for a boundary adjustment in various locations along the Barrie / Springwater border, as well as shared servicing. As of now, no commitments have been made, and no agreements have been established.

Although disappointed with the recent approach taken by Mayor Nuttall and the City of Barrie, Township of Springwater staff and Council will continue to perform a rigorous evaluation on the proposal to ensure that the interests of Springwater residents are considered and remain the highest priority.

To ensure transparency regarding this matter, Springwater Council has deliberated this matter further during the November 15, 2023 regular meeting of Council in open session.

Sincerely, Mayor Jennifer Coughlin, (on behalf of Springwater Council)

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