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A Tiny Senior Moment

A Tiny Senior Moment – By Marilyn Hughes, Volunteer Writer

Senior Advisory Committee, Township of Tiny

While investigating topics for this column, I discovered a wealth of information online for seniors, sometimes referred to as older adults, about what it means to age and stay engaged following retirement.

To begin this journey what does being a senior citizen mean?  According to the Oxford Canadian Dictionary, a senior citizen is “an elderly person especially a person over 65”.  I really liked the article on CBC.ca dated May 29, 2012, entitled “Aging Canadians are challenging the concept of ‘old’”, which provides thoughtful comments that “Healthy aging isn’t something that starts when you’re 65 or 75, it really starts, according to Health Canada, right at birth”.  If you have a moment, check it out.

In the past there weren’t as many activities aimed at seniors as there are currently.  Some of these include specialized training courses providing information about the internet, as well as activities how to be, and stay, engaged, and connected in life. Without the pressures of work and all that it involved, I have enjoyed the past decade, learning about myself, meeting new people, volunteering, and travelling. While health undoubtedly plays a significant role in our outlook, keeping a positive attitude helps as does connections with our family and friends whether in person or online. I have an acquaintance with a debilitating disease who says, somewhat cheerily ‘it is what it is’.  An amazing attitude.

Through the evolution of technology, many advances have been implemented that will benefit us going forward. While some of these innovations provide entertainment and information such as new methods to meet, others provide access to support services necessary for everyday living, for example online access to various health networks.

One experience I’ve come to enjoy is playing games online such as euchre and cribbage. While not as much fun as in person, online game playing can be a great challenge. I have even played against the computer. The skilful team of my husband and myself have beat that computer many times!  And of course, we can connect and play games with our loved ones in their homes too!

Another approach to stay engaged is to share your passions and talent with a new generation. And one route to start in this part of the adventure is by volunteering.  Tiny Township offers many different volunteer roles.  For more information on volunteering and to complete an application, go to tiny.ca and search Recreation & Community / Volunteer Opportunities. If preferred, contact the Recreation Dept. by calling 705-526-4204.

While summer activities are in full swing at this time in Tiny Township, many new fall / winter programs are being developed by the Senior Advisory Committee and the Recreation Dept. A sample of what is being planned are sessions for the Senior Speaker Series.  The first one is slated for mid-September. This series aims to provide information on healthy living, as well as ideas on how to embrace and enjoy retirement. Be sure to check the Seniors’ page on the Tiny Township website at tiny.ca/seniors or call 705-526-4204 for specific details.

Ongoing programs:

Communications: A great way to keep informed on what’s happening in the municipality is through TinyConnect. You can receive information via text, email, voice or TTY/TDD. To register go to www.tinyconnect.ca, or phone 705-526-4204 ext. 301.

Transportation: CT Link – a community transportation service for Simcoe residents for medical (priority) and other appointments within Simcoe County and other destinations. If wheelchair assistance is required, advise when booking. Schedule a pickup via online to ctlink.ca or Dial 211 for assistance.

Access to transportation is also available through Community Reach and can be requested by phone at 705-528-6999, or email information@communityreach.ca.

Health and Support:

Telehealth – This is a free and confidential service. Call 1-866-797-0000 to speak with a Nurse 24/7.

During off hours if you need a doctor, other than for emergencies, contact Rocket Doctor at 1-867-670-2273. This is a free and confidential service with a quick turnaround time.

OntarioCommunitySupport.ca – the Ontario Community Support Association is coordinating programs to help vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities across Ontario.  Need help requesting a service? Call 2-1-1.

“Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you always should have been.” – David Bowie

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