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All Candidates Meeting

Springwater News is committed to being a platform for our community. The next Municipal Election is October 24th and
individuals running for Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor represent us.

What do you want to hear our candidates discuss and debate?
In an effort to control the length of time of the meeting, I am asking the voters to submit questions to the Springwater News. I will be asking the candidates the questions that the voters send in. All candidates will be invited to introduce themselves in the next issue of the Springwater News.

All candidates will be given equal space in the Sept. 1, 2022 paper to let us know how they are going to represent us.
This will allow the two hours of the meeting to be focused on answering questions.
Please complete & submit your questions by September 5, 2022.

    The paper is electronically available online on publishing date at our website. The paper is published every other Thursday. The deadline is the Monday before (3 days).