Happy 100th Birthday to Marion Clute!

Our mom, Marion Clute, will be 100 years old on February 17th!  She is well, is still able to look after herself and enjoys life at The Villa Retirement Lodge in Midland.

Because February weather and driving conditions are often very poor, Mom has chosen to celebrate the day by having a “Birthday Card Party” instead of the usual come-and-go-tea.  She is looking forward to receiving birthday cards that she can read and enjoy over and over again.

If you would like to help celebrate her special day by sending her a card, she would feel both grateful and honoured.  Her address is:

Marion Clute – Room 343

The Villa Retirement Lodge, 689 Yonge Street, Midland, Ontario  L4R 2E1

Sincerely, Jan, Margie, Paul, Louise and their families

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