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Council Meeting Highlights: March 1, 2023

Next Council Meeting: March 15, 2023

This summary is not a full representation of the meeting. For the official record, please refer to the minutes in the next Council Agenda. Past Council Meetings are available for viewing on the Township’s YouTube channel.

Community-Based Strategic Plan

Prior to the regular meeting of Council, a special meeting was held to present the draft Community-Based Strategic Plan. The plan includes a draft vision and defines the shared goals and priorities to move the Township forward over the next 20 years. The goals outlined in the draft plan are:

  • Leveraging growth to improve Springwater as a community;
  • Leveraging growth to improve Springwater’s economy;
  • Building community unity to support a sense of place;
  • Supporting climate change while embracing environmental sustainability; and,
  • Corporate actions.

The plan further outlines a number of strategic actions to help the municipality achieve these objectives. The plan was developed with the input of the community following a robust public consultation process undertaken throughout the past year. The consultants will now receive and review comments from Council before presenting the final plan for adoption in April. To learn more about the draft Community-Based Strategic Plan visit www.springwater.ca/OurFuture

Elmvale Community Recreation Association Council Appointment

Councillor Garwood was appointed as the Council representative to the newly revitalized Elmvale Community Recreation Association (CRA).

Creation of a Posted Speed Limit Policy Springwater Council has adopted a new Posted Speed Limit Policy, which establishes a consistent process for undertaking a speed limit review on Township owned roads. Occasionally, staff will receive requests to review the existing posted speed limits on Township roads. The Canadian Guideline for Establishing Posted Speed Limits outlines the technical tools used to assess a roadway’s recommended posted speed limit; however, it does not outline when a review should be completed. The new Posted Speed Limit Policy provides guidance and a consistent process for staff to follow when determining if a review is required.

County of Simcoe Bursary Program

The Township of Springwater will once again participate in the County of Simcoe Bursary Program with a $1000 contribution. The donation guarantees one applicant from Springwater will receive a $3000 bursary, for which the County of Simcoe will contribute the remaining $2000.

No Mow May

Residents will be asked to consider letting their lawns grow as part of a pilot project called ‘No Mow May’. The pilot project is intended to help pollinators such as honeybees and bumblebees by allowing wildflowers and other plants to flourish. As a result of the approval of the pilot project, the Clean, Safe Properties By-law will not be enforced from May 1 – 31, 2023. A public education campaign will take place prior to the pilot project commencing.

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