Beach, sand, sun and music! Summer doesn’t get any better than that! Balm Beach Busk ‘til Dusk is a great event that brings together family and friends.

Locals sitting in their lawn chairs or dancing in the sand can be experienced every Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm all summer long. The good ole days come to mind. Thoughts of carefree days in the sun, swimming and playing frisbee with friends on this very beach, Sun tanning using coconut oil instead of sunscreen, no thought of skin cancer then, oh my!

The fun at the Barrel Works in the evening was unmatched.  Now you can come and enjoy Balm Beach’s Busk Til Dusk Event from 6 pm to 9 pm every Thursday all summer.

Balm Beach Summer Events, “Busk ‘til Dusk” main  organizer and founder is Chris Figures and is put on by the Business Association of Balm Beach. The event is free but a donation to the Busker’s Can in front of the stage is always appreciated.  The band is paid and the proceeds ‘pay forward’ to help pay the next band. “Busk ‘til Dusk is also supported by local businesses and individual sponsors.

This year’s Platinum sponsors are:
Township of Tiny
Leo & Sandie Dubeau of Royal Lepage Balm Beach
Frank Belcourt of Perkinsfield Rustic Furniture
Leo & Joanne Houle

Inquire to become a sponsor for a music night or to help raise money for equipment/tents, etc. (visitbalmbeach@gmail.com)

The Balm Beach Business Association is not new. They have run events in the past summers such as pancake breakfasts, hotdog nights and old car events. The Association focuses on  bringing everyone together,  land owners and locals to enjoy the longest fresh water beach in Canada. Our natural resources are meant for all to enjoy. This event is held during the week for locals and landowners to enjoy during the quieter times at this beautiful place. Everyone is welcome!

The past bands were Charlotte and The Dirty Cowboys and Dylon Lock that were enjoyed by many.

Summer Line up:
July 21- Feeling Good Band

July 28 – Rick Robichaud Band
Aug 4 – The Renaissance Band
Aug 11 – the Outlaw Sons
Aug 18 – Skill Set
Aug. 25 – The Wendy Whelan Band
Sept 1 – The Remedy
Sept 8 – Tiny Stew

This last date of the summer features “The Tiny Stew” because it’s stewing with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It’s simmering into something cool. The kids are back at school and tourist season winds down.

“Let’s back track a little to last year, the summer of 2021. Gaining a small glimmer of hope, escaping isolation and getting back to normal by being able to have the month of August and part of September to reignite that live music on the beach that we all crave and need so much. Thank you to all that came out.”, said Chris Figgures. This event is weather dependant so watch your forecast or visit facebook.

This event is organized and run by local volunteers with the support of the Township of Tiny – with thanks!

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