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What an amazing Victoria Day weekend. It has been many years that we have been graced with sunshine and heat on May 24 weekend. I hope you will enjoy this edition. It was suggested that I place a photo of my beautiful dog in this issue so people know I am very approachable.

CORRECTION: The Food bank update article in the last edition contained an error. Debbie Craddock’s last name was not correct and it indicated that she wrote the article and she just submitted it. North Simcoe Springwater News regrets this error and all errors that occur in this newspaper. A wise teacher once taught me that when people see your mistakes then it shows that the world is not perfect and no one is perfect. I do hate it when I make errors. I think she was just trying to make me feel better and it did work. This editor is fully responsible for the content of this paper and it is a huge job that I take on with pride.

By Linda Belcourt, Editor

The Springwater News is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Federal Government’s grant application for special measures for journalism. Thank you for recognizing our community and supporting small business!

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Smile Cookie Campaign For Elmvale Foodbank - By Debbie

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