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Minesing resident Donna Johnston recalls two visits with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

She was just twenty-five when she went to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto on June 29th, 1959. She again visited the Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip at the Penetanguishene Docks on July 4, 1959.

George Graham Johnston, Simcoe Centre MPP, ran as the Progressive Conservative candidate in the 1943 Ontario general election. He defeated Liberal O.E. Todd by 523 votes. He was re-elected five times before his death in 1960. This status of MPP earned an invitation to the Royal York Banquet. George’s wife, Alice, was in the hospital and was unable to attend. Donna Johnston, George’s daughter in law, accompanied him instead. George’s son Al was Donna’s husband.

It was a big impact on Donna’s life at the time. Donna explained, “For someone like me, a country girl, it was really something”. Donna was thrilled to pieces to attend the banquet. She had to have a dress fitting for the Queen, and she found it in Midland for $200.00. The dress is a beautiful blue that perfectly matches her eyes. The front has soft flowing shoulders and fitted on the front. The back is grand with the long flowing scarfs.

The second time George and Donna met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Duke of Edinburgh Prince Phillip was at the Penetanguishene Dock. Donna remembers that they were given directions to only speak to the Queen if she spoke first. No handshake should be offered unless it was offered first by the Royal visitors. The highlight of this visit was that Prince Philip shook George’s hand and asked why has was there. George explained that he was MPP for Simcoe Centre and Prince Phillips shook his hand again.

It was a time that Donna will never forget. Donna and Al Johnston honoured the Queen after the news of her death. Photos were spread out; the dress was hanging and stories were recalled for any visitors that wanted to come to mourn and honour the life of the longest reining monarch in British history. Donna and Al Johnston welcomed people to their home and any visitor could see the honour and pride they had for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Thanks, Donna for the Ode to the Queen.

About the Municipal Election
Voting Day is Monday, October 24, 2022. Nomination for candidates for the 2022 Municipal Election opens on Monday, May 2, 2022. The Nomination Period closes on Friday, August 19, 2022 at 2 p.m.

Township of Tiny
As of June 30, 2022 for unofficial list

Mayor: David Evans
Deputy Mayor: Sean Miskimins
Councillor (3 to elected): John Bryant, Ema Canadic, Stephen McNamara, Janice Murton & Steffen Walma

Eligible Tiny voters will elect a number of different positions on Voting Day, including:

One (1) Mayor
One (1) Deputy Mayor
Three (3) Ward Councillors (one for each of Wards 1 to 3)

Township of Springwater
Filings as of July 19, 2022 for the unofficial list:

Mayor:  Coughlin, Jennifer & Haight, William (Bill)
Deputy Mayor: Wanda Maw-Chapman
Councillor Ward 1:  Garwood, Matthew & Horgan, Francis
Councillor Ward 2:  Nelson-Hewitt, Chantal
Councillor Ward 3:  Thompson, Brad & Mainprize, Cory
Councillor Ward 4:  Moore, Anita & Smith, Linda
Councillor Ward 5: Fisher, Philip & Zapolnik, Dominika

Eligible Springwater voters will elect a number of different positions on Voting Day, including:
One (1) Mayor
One (1) Deputy Mayor
Five (5) Ward Councillors (one for each of Wards 1 to 5)

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