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I am so fortunate and so is the community, that there are so many local talented writers in our community.

 Thank you Small Town Philosopher for your kind words for me and this paper, written in a poem. Jason George is a local photography and writer that brings future articles.

 The EDHS music program has been very active in our community. It helps bring youth and community together. It is beneficial to us all.

 The next edition will feature business’ bringing good will to all of us.

I hope to publish more editorials in the future to bring both sides to our stories for democracy’s sake.

There were a lot of celebrations in our townships lately. I can’t get to all of them. I did attend Elmvale’s events. I would love pictures from the other towns around, showing the wonderful Christmas happenings and traditions. I would also love to print content from other spiritual sectors and other celebrations that may circle our townships. Please send me your content to include the diverse community we live in. Seasons Greetings to those that celebrate Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa or any other celebration. This gives me an idea for the Christmas edition on Dec. 22. For now, enjoy friendship and kindness.

Please Shop local, it helps us all.

”We’re seeing this at all levels of politics’: Allegations of aggressive campaigning seen throughout Simcoe County’
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When was the last time you did something challenging

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