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Dec. 17, 2023 – Greetings Minesing and Springwater friends and neighbours.  I write this edition on a day that is dark and dreary, and I know I will get some grief on this, but I would really like there to be some snow for Christmas.  The feelings that go hand in hand with a white Christmas just mean so much more and feel so much brighter.  These dismal days really take their toll.  Think of it this way, snow means kids can get outside and make forts and snowmen!  The Christmas lights shine even brighter when there is snow!  So many people in our area participate and hang lights for all to enjoy.  Come on mother nature….give us some pretty snowflakes for the 25th!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 4th Annual Tractor Parade that was held on the 8th of December in Minesing.  Wow!  What a display for everyone to admire.  I don’t think I caught the exact number of tractors, but I believe it was maybe the most we have had in the four years of the parade.  Congratulations to Roger Gethons with his beautiful display in the parade, I understand he was the winner this year.  Well done by the organizer, Shannon Giffen, the participants who all spent time decorating their tractors and trucks who are our local farming families and neighbours and to all of the folks who made donations to the Elmvale Food Bank that were collected at the Community Centre and throughout the parade route.  The donation collecting Elves were amazing and did a super job loading up the Rowland Brothers Moving Truck.  Thank you so very much to all!  We look forward to next year!

I also send out a huge kudos to the organizers and participants of the Anten Mills community for a fantastic Santa Claus Parade!  It was one of the best I have seen in many years.  Well done everyone!  It’s great that we live amongst these great little communities that have such spirit to organize these kinds of events for all to enjoy.  Springwater really is a wonderful place to live!

The week before Christmas can take a toll on a lot of people.  The cost, the hustle and bustle and the overall countdown to the 25th can be overwhelming.  As I get older I don’t care about the presents, I know my family will laugh at this because I was a big lover of the presents growing up, and secretly, who doesn’t love a gift?  As I get older I just want my family and friends to be together, enjoy some food and drinks and just have fun!  I know, it’s easier said than done.  We like to do as much as we can in as little time that we have off from work.  Sometimes it’s ok to say you know what?  Let’s not have a full sit-down turkey dinner, let’s cook the turkey ahead of time, buy some rolls, have turkey on a bun, have everyone bring something to your gathering instead of one person doing all the work and clean up after.  Traditions are always wonderful, I love them!  But maybe this is your year to make that change.  Don’t overwhelm yourself with doing things because that’s the way your family has “always done it”.  Break the mould, try something different.  If it doesn’t go over well, go back next year.  My family has changed our tradition as we have grown in numbers and it’s so much work for the host to do all the work.  We now bring appetizers and spend the time playing some fun games.  Give it a try, it’s fun and lots of laughter for sure.

Christmas through the eyes of children is so amazing.  I see short videos online and it melts my heart to see babies reacting from seeing the first glimpse of lights on a tree or a glimpse of Santa. A child’s mind must just be in such delight, excitement, and curiosity. Bright colours, shiny decorations and lights are all things they love.  Then when they begin to see the outside Christmas lights and decorations when they are out in the evenings, Christmas surrounds them.  The music in the malls, the visits with Santa and the glimpse of one of Santa’s elves around the house checking up on them.  It makes me smile when you see the excitement of the little ones as they await on the side of the road for that last float in the parade to hear Santa bellowing Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas, and the wave right at them from the big guy in the red suit.  If Christmas is getting you down, or you maybe feel alone, close your eyes and remember the days when you were a child or think of any child who is having their first Christmas, or maybe their fifth Christmas and how Christmas is so exciting.  I’m hope these memories or thoughts can bring a smile to your face.  Maybe listen to some Christmas music, sing along, hum or whistle if you don’t know the words.  Many of the songs have beautiful meanings and give the true meaning of Christmas.  What is your favourite Christmas Carol?  I know mine….it’s “O Holy Night”, the version specifically sung by Martina McBride.  It’s beautiful.

In these last few days before December 25th, sit and reflect on the year you just had.  I hope that there were more good days than bad for you.  I know that there were hurdles cleared and unfortunately there are going to be hurdles ahead from time to time as well.  Remember to reach out to friends and family to touch base and catch up. Put the past behind you and remember that the future is something to be explored.  Make the most of your days, and always be kind.  Kindness is free and it is very contagious.  It’s one thing that we don’t mind catching these days.

From my family to yours, I wish you all the best of the Christmas Season, or whatever celebratory event that your family shares, Cheers!

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