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Minesing Moments

By Lorrie Haywood

Cool nights and warm days, isn’t this a great time of year?  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Springtime.  Getting your yards prepared for flowers and vegetable gardens started is what everyone is working on recently. I know the garden centers are thriving by the looks of the parking lots.  Just a few months and we will see the fruits of our labour.  I have a few rabbits around my house who I am sure are looking forward to a buffet meal in the gardens in the neighbourhood.

Schools are beginning to wrap of their year.  I know students are in the market for summer jobs.  If you are looking for students to employ, feel free to post on the Minesing Facebook page.  It’s nice to keep our local students in our area and not to brag, but the young people in our area are pretty great.  Students, get out there and start your working years, earn some money and get that resume started!

For the students too young to be working, we hope you have a good end of your school year.  The local streets will be crawling with kids excited to be done school soon, so always remember to drive slow and be alert in the villages around our area, even on weekends.  The warm weather draws people out of the house, onto bicycles, playing, and maybe not always aware of their surroundings.  I know this is a message I have often repeated over the years, but it’s a message we all need to be reminded of from time to time.  We sometimes get involved in just getting where we are going and when we get there, can we all honestly say we recall our drive?

Wedding season is also upon us.  We wish all of our upcoming Brides and Grooms all the best as you embark on your futures together.  Jake & Kelly and Mitch & Lauren, we know your weddings are approaching and Minesing wishes you happiness and health for a wonderful future together.

Minesing Union Cemetery is holding the Decoration Day Service on Sunday June 23rd at 2:30 p.m.  It is suggested that you bring a lawn chair and umbrella.  Sprinkles won’t cancel the service, but heavy rain/bad weather will post- pone the event.  Fresh flowers are preferred, artificial flowers will be removed from graves in July.  Decorative and loose items/memorabilia when left in and around tombstones create a problem for grounds maintenance.  PLEASE EXPECT THEM TO BE REMOVED.  An exception will be made only for the two weeks before and including the annual Decoration service in June.  Shepherd Hooks are allowed when used for hanging plant containers.  Donations do help maintain the lawn mower of the cemetery and any donations are greatly appreciated.  Donations may be etransferred to minesingunioncem@gmail.com.

If you haven’t gotten it marked in your calendar, Anten Mills is having a Community Wide Garage Sale on Saturday June 15th.  Come make someone else’s junk your treasure!  Keep an eye on the Anten Mills Facebook page for more details and locations of sales in the village.

To those who hike or cycle our local trails and forests, please be on the lookout as there is a mama bear with two babies in our neck of the woods.  They seem cute and harmless, but a mama bear is very protective, and you won’t want to come between them on a trail.  Be sure to be observant of your surroundings and it may be a good idea to pack a whistle, bells or even bear spray if you are heading out.  Keep your distance and stopping for a cute picture is NOT the best idea.

Until next time, enjoy the warm weather, drive safe and always look on the bright side of life! Cheers.

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