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About the Editor

I, Linda Belcourt, am the owner of the Springwater News. My heart is in it for this community, and it is my vision to give advertisers a medium to reach their clients and to give local readers content that is important to them.

My history with the Springwater News started during the first editions of the Springwater News. I designed and delivered the Springwater News for Michael Jacobs the previous owner that started this newspaper with a great vision. I continued with my career gaining valuable business experience with some great mentors. I am committed to continuing to deliver positive news, while promoting our local business’, charities, and volunteers.

I grew up on a farm in Wyevale located very close to the former Site 41. I moved from Wyevale to Elmvale to start my Grade 7 education at HCES and continued my education at EDHS. I then obtained my IT education and business experience in Toronto for ten years and moved back to my roots in Elmvale. My background is computer technology and I have over 35 years of business management experience. I have worked for non-profits such as Wye March Wildlife Center, Wendat Community Programs and was on the team that started up the Huronia Land Conservancy. I am the President of the Lions Lioness Elmvale Club. I feel all my life experiences have led me to this venture.

To you the advertiser, I will strive to deliver high quality standards to ensure your clients can reach out to you. We all need to come together to “Shop Local”. I welcome your feedback and articles to ensure your voice is heard in the community.

This is really your newspaper. I have passion for our community, and I am committed to keep the “Good News” coming to your door.

We print 20,000 newspapers once every two weeks. 18,780 are mailed out by Canada Post to post office routes in the Barrie area (3050), all of southern Springwater Township (4320), all of Minesing/Anten Mills (130), all of Grenfel and Utopia (750), all of Phelpston (620), all of Hillsdale (630), all of Elmvale (2550), all of Wyebridge (260), all of Wyevale (975), all of Perkinsfield (1275), the Rural Routes 1 and 2 of Midland (1100), and the Rural Routes of Penetanguishene that go into Tiny Township (2900) papers. We have 150 subscriptions across Canada.

The paper is electronically available online on publishing date at our website. The paper is published every other Thursday. The deadline is the Monday before (3 days).