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Anten Mills by Dennis Gannon

ANTEN MILLS by Dennis Gannon

Whether you are public speaking or writing a piece for people to read, the opening sentence or paragraph needs to say something that is going to grab the attention of the audience and wants them to continue listening or reading. For this week’s column there are a few things that could be used to get your attention and sometimes it’s difficult to decide. Weather is one that has been used somewhat frequently in this column and again it deserves to lead off this week’s edition.

January, like December, is going down as one of the cloudiest months on record. According to the Weather Network, there were 26 days of overcast or mostly cloudy days in January. And then last week we had amazing sunshine and warm temperatures during the week. According to the Anten Mills weather station, Friday, February 9, a temperature reading of 12.7 degrees celsius was recorded. That broke a record that goes back 86 years to 1938. This unseasonably warm weather has likely put an end and has made it the shortest period of ice that our community rink has ever had. There needs to be a combination of snow to make a base and cold weather to make the ice for the rink to be created. While the weather forecasters are indicating that the next portion of winter may return to somewhat seasonable conditions, there isn’t a significant amount of snow to fall. Even if it were, the fact is that come March, the sun is warmer and the ice surface melts quickly and the desire to skate becomes more the desire to ride a bicycle. Thank you Chad and your volunteers who tried to make a suitable rink for the community. Maybe next year?

Our Anten Mills Community Bulletin Facebook page has been around since March of 2013. It started as a way for the community to get information about happenings in our village and to share relevant events and concerns. It is a private group and has been very successful in getting information out and preventing unwanted spam and needless advertising. Like anything that has been around for sometime, it needs a refresh. The Anten Mills Community Recreation Association will be assuming control of the page effective this weekend. A refresh of the rules will accompany the new control and while they generally stay the same, there are a couple of changes. The concerns that timely posts unfortunately haven’t gotten out on time have been addressed and there will now be 4 people reviewing and approving. What won’t be tolerated is any form of negativity towards the volunteers. They are volunteers. They are providing their time to ensure what is seen on the page is relevant to the community. Links and posts that serve the Anten Mills community only will be seen. The community appreciates those in the community that own, operate or manage a business. The rules have been changed to permit those community members the opportunity to promote their business once per month for a limited number of days. One thing to remember is that this isn’t a buy, sell or trade site. There are numerous other sites that permit this and you are encouraged to visit those sites. What will be allowed are free items and those seeking advice or needed items. Also being changed is questions to become a member of the group. In the past the question to join has been very open and a review of people asking to get on has revealed that their desires are at best questionable or that they have not answered the question. Those monitoring the page will be diligent in ensuring that those wanting to join are there for the best interest of the community. Hopefully the changes will be embraced by nearly 1400 members who are part of the group.

There has been news lately in the community about the sighting of coyotes and fishers. The weather is tricking the animals and they are on the prowl. Regrettably one family has lost a family pet to the coyotes and the fishers have been seen prowling around. Please watch your pets particularly at night and hopefully no further incidents will occur here.

It was nice to see that the Laycocks made the local news with their snowman. The segment on CTV was well done and highlighted their effort. What was unfortunate was that the segment indicated that they reside in Minesing and not Anten Mills. For as long as can be remembered, Anten Mills has always been used for correspondence and mail in our household. When the postal code was L0L 1Y0 there was a connection to Minesing. Now that we have our own unique postal codes and there is no post office in Minesing it’s time to start promoting that we are Anten Mills and not Minesing. Consider putting Anten Mills on your correspondence and let everyone know where you live.

The Springwater Library has initiated a survey to develop a strategic plan for the future. Our library offers many resources and not just books and they are looking for your input on how to best offer you services in the future. Check the library website for details.

In the last two editions we explored Hendrie Lake located on Golf Course Road. We learned that there were in fact two lakes, that there was an unfortunate drowning and that it was thought to be bottomless. This week the story is about the Adams home. According to the account in the A History of Vespra Township, the Corby Adams family woke up on the morning of September 8, 1981 to find that their front yard had dropped 15 to 20 feet down to the lake level. Trees that were 30 to 50 feet in height dropped down but were still standing. The east end of the basement wall also fell into the lake. To stabilize the situation loads of brick rubble from the Maw old brickyard located in the former Flos Township was brought in to remedy the situation and in 30 years since, no other concerns have been raised.

Remember that the Knotty Knitters meet Tuesday afternoons at the community centre and all are welcome and that on Thursday evenings, euchre is played as well and card players can join in.

That’s all for this week, enjoy your Family Day long weekend and THANKS for READING, BE WELL and STAY SAFE.

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