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Editor’s Notes

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Doug Rawson, owner of Rawson’s Meat and Deli, and his friendly and charming grandson Alex. It warms my heart to do business with local folk that have a successful business because they take that extra step for people and listen to the customers. Doug is a great supporter of the community. Quality can still be found in our local area, you just have to look for it. Rawson’s has been in business since 1992 and serves very high quality meats for a fantastic price. Drop in and give Doug a big shout out!

There are new news stands at Grenfel Hall 1989 Sunnidale Rd, Grenfel in Township of Springwater and at Rawson’s Meat and Deli at 27 Main St. in Penetanguishene. The Elmvale Water Flow also has a news stand.

I urge go to the Township of Springwater council meeting at the 32:00 time stamp. The first 30 minutes of the meeting is dedicated mostly to honouring the great staff we have at the Township and it is worthy of watching as well. During this meeting you will get a first hand look at the behaviour of our divided elected officials on council. This portion of the meeting basically is to give updates on wards and normally involves the good works going on in each area of our township, but subject matter took a surprising turn. Does the issue belong in a council meeting or should it have been dealt with at a different time? A divided council costs us all. I will let you form your own opinion. Please send me your letters to have your opinion known. I will not publish slander or defamation. Thank you.

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