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Ontario Protecting People from the High Costs of a Provincial Carbon Tax

Province ensuring people have a say while continuing calls to scrap the federal carbon tax

By Premier’s Office

Feb. 13, 2024 – MISSISSAUGA — The Ontario government is keeping costs down for people by introducing legislation that, if passed, would give Ontario voters a direct say over a new provincial carbon tax, cap-and-trade system or other carbon pricing program. This proposed legislation would protect people and businesses from the high cost of a provincial carbon tax by requiring the government to first obtain the consent of Ontario voters through a referendum before implementing a new provincial carbon pricing program.

“With the Bank of Canada’s high interest rates and the cost of living still so high, it’s never been more important to keep costs down for people and businesses,” said Premier Doug Ford. “I’ve always said, the carbon tax is the worst tax. It increases the cost of everything. We need to protect Ontario workers and families from the high cost of a carbon tax and we urge the federal government to do the same.”

The Ontario government continues to urge the federal government to apply the same carve out on home heating that was provided to Atlantic Canadian provinces or to eliminate the federal carbon tax entirely.

“We made a promise to fight the federal carbon tax and our government will continue to lead by example, giving Ontarians certainty that carbon pricing on the backs of taxpayers is not the way forward,” said Peter Bethlenfalvy, Minister of Finance. “Any new provincial carbon tax is unacceptable for Ontario residents who are seeing their hard-earned dollars stretched further than ever.”

This measure is part of upcoming legislation that will kick off the spring sitting of the legislature on February 20, 2024. The Get It Done Act will include a host of measures that, if passed, would build on the government’s commitments to date to streamline approvals for major infrastructure projects and housing, keep costs down for people and businesses and support economic growth for long-term prosperity.



After eight years of this Liberal government, many people will wake up, and one of the first things they’ll do is look out of the window. Not to check the weather, but to check if their car is still sitting in their driveway.

Car thefts are up 34 per cent across Canada. A vehicle is stolen every six minutes in Canada, at an estimated cost of one billion dollars a year.

This is having real consequences on the finances of Canadians – Insurance companies have raised rates across the board, especially for cars that are most often stolen sometimes by 25 to 50 per cent over the last two years.

Unfortunately, after eight years in power this government has not done a single thing to crack down on car theft in Canada. In fact, they’ve made life easier for the criminals who steal cars from hardworking Canadians and the overseas organized crime syndicates that profit from their actions by ensuring that they face zero repercussions for their actions.

This is happening because the Liberal government’s dangerous catch-and-release policies have led to increased crime in our communities. Bill C-75 allows repeat offenders to be released on bail within hours of arrest, who then often go and promptly re-offend. Police are powerless to stop career car thieves. After offenders have been convicted, Trudeau’s  Bill C-5 allows house arrest for these criminals, even those with a long rap sheet. This means that they can just walk out their front door, and be on the streets again immediately, stealing cars and terrorizing our neighbourhoods.

A Conservative government will go after the real criminals by restoring jail, not bail, increasing mandatory jail time and ending house arrest for car thieves, while also increasing sentences for gang-associated car thieves. We will:

  • Increase the mandatory prison time from six months to three years for a third offence of motor vehicle theft.
  • Remove eligibility for house arrest if convicted of motor vehicle theft by way of indictment.
  • Create a new, specific aggravating factor where the offence of motor vehicle theft is committed for the benefit of organized crime.
  • Repeal catch-and-release rules in Trudeau’s Bill C-75 to ensure that repeat offenders get jail, not bail.

A Conservative government will hit the brakes on car theft, protect your property and bring home safe streets. It’s just common sense.

As always, my constituency office is available to assist you with any matters related to the federal government. Please contact my office at Doug.Shipley@parl.gc.ca or 705-728-2596 for assistance.


Doug Shipley, MP

Barrie – Springwater – Oro-Medonte

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