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By Linda Belcourt, Editor

March 24, 2024 – I received a call from Bill Scott wanting to put in an ad. He served his country and now needs our help. He was an air frame tech in the Canadian Air Forces and deserves our time and efforts to find his uniform. I did not want his money but I do desperately want to help him. Someone out there knows where this uniform is. He wants his RAF LAC #5 Dress Tunic uniform back. He is dying of Cancer. His daughters are desperate to have it and it is his greatest wish to have his uniform returned. Bill ran out of gas between Wyevale and Elmvale. He left his vehicle at the side of the road and left to get some fuel. The uniform was in the trunk of his car but was gone went he returned.

The jacket has props on it and 2 propellers. It has safety pins in the inside holding the buttons on. His name is on the inside right side of the jacket, Bill Scott WC Service # 96087.

Please, whom ever “borrowed” the uniform, it is time to return it. Please return it to the Springwater News office. You can unanimously leave it the breezeway of 1058 Flos Road Ten East, Elmvale ON L0L 1P0. No questions asked. I will also pick it up at any location without having to know who you are. Please have a compassionate heart and return it. If you have any information pertaining to this, please contact editor Linda Belcourt at 705-790-1993. I will be fielding the calls for Bill Scott of London ON, so that he may heal in peace and have time for his family at this precious time of this life. I will pass on any information to him and his family that is given to me.  I am hoping to have a photo of this type of uniform for the next edition.

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