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March 26, 2024 – Hey Dads! Have you ever been grocery shopping?  You probably have.  Me too.  But I didn’t like it.  The other day I did the grocery shopping with my two teen daughters.  I’m glad I had them there for support.  I needed it.

The layout of the grocery stores probably makes sense to some people.  Just not me.  I get why they do it.  They put the milk and eggs all in the back corner so you need to walk through all their propaganda to get to it.  They hope you’ll toss a few bags of chips or cookies or Coke in your cart on the way by.  I really try to resist.  But if I don’t need milk I just don’t know where all the other stuff is! Especially the rare, specialty stuff…like oatmeal.  They put all the food out in the places where I’m not looking for it!  I aimlessly wander down the same aisles over and over.  It’s not efficient!  There’s never staff around when I need to ask a question so I search the aisles like a modern-day Indiana Jones on a never-ending quest.  Or something like that.

So the girls and I were looking for oatmeal.  I hoped they would come up clutch and bring me right to the spot.  Nope. They were just as clueless as dear ‘ol dad.  We were wandering around searching by the frozen food when I spotted another dad.  He also looked lost but I thought I’d ask for help anyways.  I don’t know about yours but my teenagers always really like it when I start talking to strangers in public.  “Hello sir, do you per chance know where the oatmeal is?”  He stared at me with a dazed and confused look in his eyes.  Do you think he knew where it was?  Of course not!  He was just as lost as I was!  Just a couple lost and confused dads wandering aimlessly down the frozen food aisle at Wal-mart not finding the oatmeal.  He made an educated guess that it was perhaps in the baking aisle…where we had already looked.  Our happy little trio skipped over to the baking aisle using the handy signs hanging from the ceiling. Our eyes were peeled and we were on the hunt for baking aisle oatmeal. Do you think it was there?  Of course not!

Lucky for us there was a wise-looking employee stocking shelves in the baking aisle.  Surely she knew where the object of our quest was hidden!  “Excuse me, do you know where the oatmeal is?”  She looked up and smiled.  She pointed to the shelf right beside me.  We were standing right in front of the oatmeal.  Imagine that!  I’m only in my early 40’s but perhaps my eyesight is going downhill in my old age.  We tossed some bags of oatmeal in our cart and our journey came to an end. I’d still be wandering around Wal-mart today if she hadn’t shown us where it was.  Time flies, dad.  Make every moment count!  Even the lost and confusing ones.

Jason Weening wanders aimlessly around stores buying things for his ten hungry kids and one wife.  Read, listen or watch more DAD-ventures at heydads.ca.

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