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Anten Mills by Dennis Gannon

April 7, 2024 – The sun shone, there was minimal wind and the temperature was just right. When, you ask after the wacky week of weather just passed. It was Saturday, March 30 when the Anten Mills Community Recreation Association with the help of some fantastic community volunteers held the annual Rabbit Run and Easter Eggstravaganza. There was a tremendous turnout of runners with over 150 who registered and took part. With three different routes, participants had their choice which path to take and all completed the task in record time. Those who partook received a unique runners token thanks to the creativity of our volunteers. Most commented that they could hardly wait for next year to do it again.

Once the run was over it was time for the Easter Eggstravaganza and the fun and games that were part of it. With a turnout of in excess of 135 the children, with the help of parents and grandparents, took a picture with the Easter Bunny, hunted for eggs, practiced their egg balance and guessed the number of candies in the jar. There were plenty of smiles and happy faces as they collected their bounty and everyone went home enjoying a fun morning.

The CRA sends their thanks to Lindsey and Becca who sponsored the morning and to all the volunteers who assisted in the preparations or were there on the day. Thanks as well goes to the Springwater firefighters who gave their morning to assist with the run and provide assistance where needed and to Springwater Parks and Recreation Department for the equipment.

If you enjoyed the Easter Eggstravaganza, the Christmas in the Village, the Halloween Party, the Autumn Artisan Craft Fair, the Euchre Nights, Knotty Knitters or the ice rink, then you have to thank the incredible people from Anten Mills who have stepped up and have taken a role in making it happen. The Anten Mills CRA has the task to ensure there are community activities that can be enjoyed here within the village. When many hands make something happen, then many can enjoy it and it isn’t a burden on a few individuals. There are other events and activities that have been discussed and suggested and they need only for someone to sponsor or take the lead. As a Board of the Township of Springwater, the CRA is required to conduct an annual meeting and have volunteers take on a limited variety of positions. There are many in this community who have the talents or abilities to assist with the tasks of the CRA in different ways and they are needed. The Anten Mills CRA annual general meeting is going to be held two weeks from today on Thursday, April 25 at 7:30 PM at the Community Centre. All from the community are invited to come out, hear what is being planned for the balance of the year and what might be proposed for next year. Our Ward 3 council member, Brad Thompson will be in attendance and you will have the opportunity to speak with him about your concerns or suggestions. The Anten Mills CRA has been active in our community for over 50 years resulting in a significant history. Be part of the history, join in the fun and keep Anten Mills filled with activities all can enjoy.

Hospice Simcoe is an organization that assists those and their families who are nearing the end of life. The services that they provide are invaluable and without doubt help those in need. For the past number of years they have had a charity fundraising hike and Anten Mills resident Marjan Dejong Deller has been a source to reckon with as an individual fundraiser raising thousands of dollars single handed for the cause. Marjan is also a longtime volunteer of the organization. Last year, Joan Gannon, another Anten Mills resident, was in the top 10 individual fundraisers for Hospice. This year the fundraising is changing a bit. On Sunday, May 5, the Hospice Simcoe, Hike and Bike for Hospice sponsored by Adams Funeral Home is taking place at Sunnidale Park in Barrie. The bike component is new and for some who find walking a challenge, the bike portion will be fun. Marjan and Joan have started taking pledges and if you would like to help them, check out the Hospice Simcoe webpage and look for them in the Hike and Bike for Hospice banner under the individual members, search and make your pledge. All donations are greatly appreciated.

This past winter we saw a lower than normal amount of snow or precipitation in our area. As a result the ground is drier than usual. Spring cleanup is beginning and in some jurisdictions, burning restrictions have already been put in place. At this time of the year, local fire departments often run from call to call as open air burning gets out of hand and fires escape their bounds. If you are doing yard work, consider using the yard waste services provided by the County of Simcoe which started in this area this week. If you want to have a recreational fire, obtain a permit from the fire department and follow the guidelines. Remember, our firefighters are volunteers and any emergency takes them away from their families. Let’s keep them available for unavoidable emergencies and keep our community safe.

A reminder to those who have ATV’s or dirt bikes that the County Forest and the rail trail are off limits. The rail trail does not permit off road vehicles at anytime and the County Forest is governed by two clubs who have agreements with the County as well as the township and vehicles are not permitted in the forest before May 1. Check out the clubs website and get your permit before travelling in the forest.

In case you are wondering about Frosty, the Laycock’s snowman, as of Sunday, he was still going although somewhat smaller at about 24 inches. This week may be his last until he returns next year. Thanks for keeping us entertained Frosty.

That’s it for this week. THANKS for READING, BE WELL and STAY SAFE.

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