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Editor’s Notes

Editor’s Notes

North Simcoe Springwater News is the little paper that grew. I have increased circulation and I need to increase pages. Thank you to the advertisers that bring the local news to the readers.

This edition is full of politics and sports. That will change for the next editions. There is more than politics in our community.

I have sent an email to council@springwater.ca asking for comments on some of the contents of Mr. Smith letter that is printed here and was discussed at great length during the last council meeting. I was asking where the serviceable employment lands are within Springwater. They all responded. I want to tell both sides of the story and show that I am not bias by my personal opinions. It is not easy to keep my opinions out of the newspaper but it is critical that I keep to journalist standards. People trust newspapers and I don’t want to break that trust.

One good thing that is going on is that people are starting to pay attention to municipal politics. It is the level of government that affects our day to day lives the most. People are tired of a split council. It does not serve democracy well. I urge everyone to watch the council meetings. It is  well worth your time and effort to keep informed on the people that are representing you.

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