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Editor’s Notes

May 6, 2024 – The North Simcoe Springwater News continues to grow thanks to the supporters in North Simcoe. I thank the advertisers for their support and am constantly hearing that the ads are working for business’. Readers please let the business’ know that you have seen the ads in this paper.

I made a few errors in the 2024 National Cheer Champions article. I apologize for that. I have reprinted it correctly. The information was taken from a facebook post and I added the last name incorrectly. JADE team is not from Wasaga Beach but is from Barrie.

Wayne Doyle has another interesting column displayed on page five. I was educated on how a council can be formed. Readers have communicated to me that they are tired of the antics of our current Springwater council. Maybe we should elect four councilors and a Mayor. We can then absorb an existing councilor to take on the Deputy Mayor role. The elected council members can vote in one councillor to take the role of Deputy-Mayor, there would be great cost savings. Maybe real work can get done in a short time span, like development and business support. In the last election, the current Mayor was elected in a landslide of 3,472 votes and the Deputy Mayor was just decided by a margin of George Cabral – 2,409 votes and Wanda Maw-Chapman – 2,091 votes and the split vote of Dennis Gannon – 1,001 votes. Our current council needs to be reminded of this.

Read the facts and make up your own mind. Just watch one council meeting and you will know who to vote for. It’s time to pay attention to municipal politics!

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