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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

May 7, 2024 – Good morning Linda,

Thank you for your email to the constituency office of MPP Doug Downey. We appreciate you taking the time to write.

The North Simcoe Family Health Organization (FHO) applied for Dr. Heidi Deboer to join their team. However, as Dr. Deboer was not filling a previously held spot in the North Simcoe FHO, the application fell under the 2021 Physician Services Agreement, which was ratified between the MOH and the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). As such the proposal for Dr. Deboer to join the team at the Elmvale locaiton violated the requirements set out in the Physician Services Agreement and was therefore denied. Dr. Deboer was offered different models of service, including Comprehensive Care Model or Fee for Service should she wish to practice as a solo doctor in Elmvale.

When our office was made aware of this issue, we began dialogue between the Ministry of Health, the OMA, the Township of Springwater and other interested parties to address this issue. Through these conversations, the North Simcoe FHO reapplied for Dr. Deboer to join their team at their Midland location, which met the criteria set out in the Physician Services Agreement. This application is currently before the Ministry of Health. Should the application be successful, Dr. Deboer will have the choice and opportunity to practice part time out of the Elmvale location should she choose to do so.

Our team continues to keep open channels with all interested parties to ensure healthcare needs are met for the residents of Springwater.

Doug Downey, MPP


April 29, 2024 – I would like to add my voice to the many disgruntled Springwater residents, who are in disagreement to retaining Tony Guergis as a consultant.

In making her motion, Councillor Anita Moore said she didn’t know Guergis very well.  Surely Councillor Moore has been on council long enough to know of Guergis’s horrible track record and of his Worst Municipal Councillor in Canada Award!  As far as I’m concerned, Deputy Mayor George Cabral, Councillors Danielle Alexander and Phil Fisher have all taken leave of their senses in going along with the motion.

Councillor Matt Garwood was wise in stating that he was not in favour of bringing in a consultant who does not have the trust of the community, and I’m grateful that my councillor (Brad Thomson) and Mayor Jennifer Coughlin did their best by voting against the motion.

Tony Guergis must now be laughing all the way to the bank, at those of us that thought we saw the last of him when we voted him out.

Thea Patterson

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