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Hey Dads!  Do you live in the city or in the country?  Those are two very different places.  If you’re reading this in the Springwater News I doubt you live in a city.  Maybe a small town.  There aren’t many big cities in Springwater.  I’m not sure what the difference between a city and a town is.  If you know, send me a message.  We live out in the country, about 20 km from town.  Once the weather gets nice and we head into town for groceries or to get our mail, the kids want to play at every park we drive by.  They like the old school parks with the giant mirror-polished steel slides that heat up to 1000 degrees on a summer day.  Those are the best parks.  Especially if they have the heavy steel spinny-thing that must have been the cause of thousands of hospital visits.  That thing is also the best.

We visited some friends in Wisconsin recently who live in an actual city.  There are at least two parks within walking distance, maybe more.  The parks probably have real names but I affectionately named one park, “Crime Park”, and the other park, “Less Crime Park”.  Though I don’t know the actual statistics of crimes occurring at each park I base my park names on what I’ve seen with my own two eyes.  Is graffiti a crime?  Sure it is.  The two park names are now accurate.

Yesterday morning we went for a walk to Crime Park and this is how it got its name:  Before we were within sight of the park we saw a police cruiser parked on the street with lights flashing.  Another perk of city life, I guess.  As we got closer we began to count the police cruisers on the street beside the park – six or seven plus an ambulance and a fire truck.  My friend who lives close to the park approached a group of officers.  There were several officers scattered around the picnic tables and trash cans.  The officers were talking to people who were also scattered around picnic tables and trash cans.  Still other officers were talking amongst themselves.  Trying to solve the crime, no doubt.  A kind officer gestured towards the playground equipment and politely suggested, “I wouldn’t advise going over there.”  We couldn’t see any actual crimes being committed or victims being rescued but we took his advice.

We took a hard left turn and headed to Less Crime Park.  No officers over there that morning.  Just some illegible graffiti and a couple kids fishing in the beautiful, clear, sort of unpolluted, non-oily, non-murky water of the marina.  There were a few other dads at the park with their kids.  No doubt they were making sure their kids didn’t commit any crimes or at least making sure their kids committed less crime than if the dads weren’t watching them.

It was a great Saturday morning in the city.  Dads played with kids.  Kids played with each other.  Police interviewed witnesses.  It was a win for all involved!  Time flies!  Make every moment count!  Even if you don’t find out what crimes were committed at the park.

Jason Weening takes his 10 kids to parks all over the place.  And he just wrote a fiction book for those kids available at HEYDADS.CA.

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