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Council Highlights

Township of Springwater – Council Meeting Highlights:

January 17, 2024

Next Council Meeting: February 7, 2024

By Nicole Audette, Communications Officer

Jan. 19, 2024 – This summary is not a full representation of the meeting. For the official record, please refer to the minutes in the next Council Agenda. Past Council Meetings are available for viewing on the Township’s YouTube channel.

Road Needs Study

During a special meeting, Council received a presentation on the Road Needs Study completed in 2023. The Road Needs Study examined all roadways within the Township’s jurisdiction. The study provides Council and staff with a working tool to determine maintenance and construction needs with associated timelines and budgets. The study rated the Township roads at a satisfactory level and indicated that in order to maintain the current level of service, approximately $3.3 million is required annually.

Midhurst Heights Stage 3 Subdivision Agreement

Council authorized the execution of the Stage 3 Subdivision Agreement related to the Midhurst Heights neighbourhood. The subdivision is planned to consist of a total of 1,440 residential units located in Neighbourhood 2 of the Midhurst Secondary Plan. The agreement allows for external servicing related to sanitary sewer installation and road reconstruction along Gill Road, Doran Road, Finlay Mill Road and Snow Valley Road. The agreement will be amended to include phase 1 stormwater infrastructure, with construction not able to commence until authorization has been received from all relevant agencies including the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks.

Further negotiations will take place with respect to the Craig Road stormwater outlet and the transfer of a portion of 2228 Russell Road prior to finalization of a Stage 3A Amending Agreement.

Town Hall Meetings

Council has voted in favor of resuming Town Hall Meetings. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Town Halls were hosted twice each year in various wards throughout the municipality. Moving forward, the Town Halls will be held annually in March at the Township Administration Centre. The purpose of the meetings is to offer updates on ongoing projects and initiatives throughout the municipality in an informal drop-in format.

Family Physician Recruitment

With the intent of attracting a family physician to the area and in an effort to expedite and simplify the process, Council has directed staff to determine a suitable office location for a doctor within a municipal facility and draft a lease agreement. The agreement should highlight considerations for rent, utilities and possible other benefits for the future recruitment of a family doctor.

The paper is electronically available online on publishing date at our website. The paper is published every other Thursday. The deadline is the Monday before (3 days).