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Springwater Adopts New Community-Based Strategic Plan

Township of Springwater / April 28, 2023 – To plan for the future needs of Springwater and develop a long-term vision for the municipality, the Township of Springwater has created and adopted a new Community-Based Strategic Plan with a 20-year outlook.

The development of the plan was led by Ottawa-based consulting firm McSweeney & Associates, who worked collaboratively with a steering committee made up of key representatives of the Township’s senior management team.

An intensive public consultation process was undertaken to ensure that members of the community had an opportunity to share their thoughts on Springwater’s future. The public consultation included one-on-one interviews, a community survey and focus groups.

Five key themes emerged from the public consultation process and form the basis of the following strategic priorities:

  • Leveraging growth to improve Springwater as a community;
  • Leveraging growth to improve Springwater’s economy;
  • Building community unity to support a sense of place;
  • Addressing climate change while embracing environmental sustainability; and,
  • Corporate actions.

To accomplish the objectives outlined in the strategic priorities, a set of 93 community-based actions were developed. These actions provide realistic and feasible steps for the municipality to take in achieving its goals.

“The Township of Springwater will provide progressive leadership and exceptional service delivery to all stakeholders in the community. It will strive to provide for modern sustainable communities that offer services, businesses and required infrastructure to support its residents, while still maintaining its traditions and small-town charm. It will be a green-conscious community with strong environmental policies in place. Springwater will retain its unique place in the world as the community with the purest spring water on Earth.”

“Thank you to everyone who played a part in the creation of Springwater’s new Community-Based Strategic Plan,” says Mayor Jennifer Coughlin. “Together we have created a vision for the future of Springwater and defined the strategic priorities and actions we will take to create a municipality we can all be proud to call home.”

“Developing the strategic plan is only the first step taken towards achieving our collective vision,” says Jeff Schmidt, Chief Administrative Officer. “ Moving forward, staff will work with McSweeney & Associates to draft an implementation plan for the 93 actions identified in the plan to ensure we are meeting our goals and moving the Township forward. The implementation plan will be presented for Council’s consideration in the near future.”

To follow the progress of the action items or for additional information on the Community-Based Strategic Plan visit www.springwater.ca/OurFuture

The paper is electronically available online on publishing date at our website. The paper is published every other Thursday. The deadline is the Monday before (3 days).