HomeCouncil Meeting Highlights – October 4

Corporate Reorganization

During a special meeting, Council approved a corporate reorganization. The new structure re-moves the General Manager level and instead includes six Directors; the Director of Finance/Treasurer, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, Director of Public Works, Director of Recreation, Parks & Facilities, Director of Planning & Development and Director of Fire & Emergency Services/Fire Chief. This shift aims to enhance cohesion and collaboration among senior management while reducing the span of control for the Chief Administrative Officer. A by-law finalizing the re-organization will be brought forward at the October 18 meeting.

Service Springwater

Council received a presentation and report on the implementation of “Service Springwater” a customer service initiative to address growing resident expectations for multi-channel, accessible and efficient service delivery. This initiative aims to centralize and streamline customer service across Township departments, enhancing consistency and improving service quality. Council has referred the program to the 2024/25 budget deliberations taking place in November.

Springwater Farmers’ Market – Elmvale

Council received a summary report on the Springwater Farmers’ Market – Elmvale, which ran from June 16 to September 15 this year. The market featured 15 vendors and 8 community organizations over the duration of the summer and ran with the assistance of a seasonal Economic Development Assistant who oversaw the administration and operation of the market. Following Council’s direction, in the future the Township will no longer be the lead organizer as it relates to the Springwater Farmers’ Market – Elmvale.

Hometown Hillsdale Subdivision Agreement

Council authorized the execution of the Stage One Subdivision Agreement related to the Hometown Hillsdale subdivision by Fernbrook Crystal Homes. The Stage One Subdivision Agreement allows for site works and site preparations to commence. The Hometown Hillsdale Subdivision is planned to consist of 470 residential units.

Housing Affordability Task Force Update

Council has provided direction for staff to proceed in providing comments to the Province of Ontario regarding the Provincial Housing Affordability Task Force Report. The Task Force Re-port, released by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in February 2022, aims to ad-dress housing supply and affordability issues in Ontario. The report explains that the Province has set a goal to build 1.5 million new homes in the next 10 years. Township staff have reviewed these recommendations and proposed the five statements they feel are most impactful.

Crossing Guard Locations

Following Council’s approval, the crossing guard location in Midhurst has been relocated. At the August 2 meeting, Council had designated the intersection of Finlay Mill and Belmont Crescent as the crossing guard location in Midhurst. However, in response to residents’ concerns and in alignment with Forest Hill Public School’s support, the crossing guard assignment has been shifted to the Doran Road crosswalk, which is closer to the school and serves a greater number of students.

New Fire Station Award of Contract

The contract for the design-build of the new Springwater Fire Station has been terminated due to the contractors inability to fulfil their obligations. As a result, Council has awarded the Design-Build contract to the next lowest bidder, Pegah Construction at a higher cost of $9,250,627.49 plus HST. This decision has necessitated an additional budget increase of $1,628,950, which will primarily be funded from development charges (86.8%), with the remaining portion covered by debt.

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