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Thank You from The Candidates

Township of Springwater

Jennifer Coughlin, Mayor-Elect

To my fellow candidates, putting your name forward, putting yourself, and inadvertently your friends and family out there takes courage. Thank you. To everyone who helped campaign, I am entirely grateful for every door you knocked, call you made and daughter you drove to practice. I hope you know how heartfelt my gratitude is. Most importantly, for each and every vote, sincerely, thank you for your confidence and your trust.

Perry Ritchie,  Mayor Candidate

Councillor Ritchie saying Good Bye. I would like to personally thank all the people who helped me with the campaign and Special Thanks to all the people who voted and supported me. I can honestly say in my 12 years on council, I am proud of my accomplishments and honoured to have the trust of the people. No greater honour then to serve the people of Springwater Twp.

George Cabral, Deputy Mayor-Elect

I am incredibly humbled and honoured to continue representing Springwater Township residents as Deputy Mayor this next term of Springwater Council. It was a fantastic opportunity meeting so many residents across Springwater and earning their support, and I thank you! I congratulate all our candidates on their campaigns, and praise them for putting themselves out there to work on behalf of all Springwater Township residents.

Dennis Gannon , Deputy Mayor Candidate

To everyone who supported my bid for Springwater’s Deputy Mayor, my heartfelt thank you. Much was learned including how incredible this community is. To the new Council, my best wishes to you as you begin your term of office. You have much to accomplish. Springwater is our family home and my family and I will always be here to support our community.

Matt Garwood, Ward 1 Councillor-Elect

Thank you Ward One. Over the past six months, my family and I have enjoyed connecting with Ward One residents. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to be your voice and your advocate on council. A campaign is more than a candidate, a campaigns heart is made up of those who volunteer. Danielle and I are grateful for our community of dedicated volunteers. Thank you for trusting me with your vote.

Francis Horgan,  Ward 1 Candidate

Thank you to all my supporters and I congratulate all the elected new council.

Brad Thompson, Ward 3 Councillor-Elect

I commend everyone who took the initiative to let your voice be heard in this election. You have indicated your faith in me with your vote, and I plan to honour my commitment to you. My hope is for a council that works together for the good of our community. Thank you for your support and trust in me.

Danielle Alexander, Ward 2 Councillor-Elect

I am honoured to serve as your Ward 2 Councillor. As a long time community volunteer and resident of Phelpston, I look forward to representing all communities in Ward 2. As Springwater is set to embark on unprecedented growth, I commit to being your advocate for controlled, sustainable development with a community first approach.  Please reach out to me with your concerns, I am here to be your voice.

Wanda Maw-Chapman,- Deputy Mayor Candidate

I would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all my family, friends, Township staff and residents who have supported me, gave me the encouragement & strength throughout this campaign & the amazing past 4 years. I gained friendships, connections, more confidence & self-worth. I am proud for what I accomplished & the experience I have gain.  I am grateful to my husband Mark & our daughter Gracy for being by my side every step of the way. Congratulations to the new upcoming Council.

Anita Moore, Ward 4 Councillor Elect

“A heartfelt thank you to Ward 4! To my family, my neighbours, and my supporters who displayed lawn signs and took time to vote – I couldn’t have done it without you! It’s truly a privilege to be re-elected as your Ward 4 Councillor. I promise I will continue to work hard, be open and approachable, and continue to earn your trust over the next four years… Here’s to the next Chapter!”

Dominika Zapolnik , Ward 5 Councillor Candidate

Congratulations to the new Township of Springwater council. We live in an incredible community, Midhurst, and it has been my privilege to get to know so many of you. As I reflect on this experience, I am grateful for the many new friendships formed and old friendships that have been renewed. I look forward to continuing to work together to strengthen our community. #TogetherforMidhurst

Linda Smith, Ward 4 Coucillor Candidate

Thank you Springwater! “My sincere thanks to all who supported and helped with my recent campaign for Ward 4 Councillor. It was an experience I’ll never forget and while I hoped for a different result, I enjoyed every opportunity I had to meet with Springwater residents and listen to both, concerns and hopes for the future of our beautiful community. Congratulations to all of the successful candidates. I wish you the best as you work collaboratively together to accomplish the goals of the residents that you’ve been elected to represent.


Township of Tiny

Kelly Helowka, Coucillor-Elect

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and best wishes. I am excited to work for you in the next four years. I would like to congratulate Dave Evans, Sean Miskimins, Steffen Walma and Dave Brunelle for their success.  I appreciate the love and support from my family and friends. A special thanks to RJ, Mary and the Pereira family. We live in the greatest place on earth, let’s work together to make it better.

Erik Schomann, Coucillor Candidate

While the election results may have been personally disappointing, I’m hopeful that the new council will be able to effectively address many of the unresolved issues. To the 20% of voters who supported my bid, I thank you for your faith in me and assure you I’ll continue to serve our community, addressing concerns related to climate change, biodiversity, and protecting our pure water. Let’s keep fighting the good fight.

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