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Elect Hale Mahon – Smart Budget . Strengthening Communities . Listening

I’ve lived in Springwater Township for almost my entire life, off of Gill Rd near Horseshoe Valley Rd. I grew up hiking and cross-country skiing on our trails, working my first jobs at our local businesses, and attending our schools.

From spending my Thursday nights chairing local recreation committee meetings to helping constituents navigate government and social services in my role as a caseworker with our local MPP’s office, I have been actively working and volunteering to make our community a better place.

Now, I want to take my work to a higher level and contribute in a bigger way as your Councillor. I believe Springwater deserves a young, new voice on Council to bring unique ideas inspired by solid experience.

My platform is separated into 3 main priorities – smart budgeting, strengthening communities, and listening to residents.

  1. Smart budgeting is about respecting taxpayers and keeping taxes as low as possible.
  2. Strengthening communities involves making Springwater an even better place to live for you and your family, and preserving the great environment that we already have.
  3. Listening to residents means that I will be the open and accountable representative that you deserve.

You can find specifics about each of these areas and my platform on other topics at halemahon.ca/platform.

As the youngest candidate in Ward 3, I’m occasionally asked if I’m too young to be a Councillor. I fully understand the responsibility of this role, I appreciate those concerns, and I want to address them here. With deep roots in Springwater, I have the experience and ideas necessary to effectively represent you and your concerns.

My experience:

  • Public service experience – I have worked as a caseworker in the provincial government, helping constituents navigate government programs and social services.
  • Financial experience – I’m a finance associate at a local MPP office, overseeing the office budget and reporting monthly expenditures.
  • Governance experience – for the past two years, I’ve been the Chair of the Midhurst Community Recreation Association, a Township board that manages recreation facilities and events.
  • Municipal — I was selected as a Fellow at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, focusing on youth engagement in municipal government.
  • Political experience – I’ve been a campaign manager and the secretary and board director at riding associations.
  • Education — studying public administration—the structure and function of governments—at York University.

My ideas:

  • Rural infrastructure like road improvements, ditching, & internet services
  • More police enforcement to target speeding & advocating for a new OPP station
  • Making sure new developments respect agriculture & the environment
  • Keep taxes low by leveraging non-tax revenue streams like development charges
  • Supporting agriculture through lower taxes & incentives for agritourism
  • Preserving Springwater’s heritage & culture