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Township of Springwater Council Meeting-September 2023

Public Meeting Session: AIRBNB

The public session is the portion of the Township meeting where people can present to council. There was a presentation to council regarding an upcoming AirBnb that does not meet building code due to height and size restrictions (Planning Matters ZB-2023-014 – Hazlewood (2091 Dwyer Road). Eleven members of the public came to council to present their concerns of “strangers” overlooking their back yards. They felt the short term rental would affect the privacy of the neighbourhood. They were concerned about loud noise that would change their quiet neighbourhood. Room for parking was also brought forward and parking can be an issue.

Council is waiting for a report from staff on short term rentals. Council was informed this report has an estimated completion time of this spring. Council. Danielle Alexander pointed out that currently there are no regulations in place for short term rentals.


SwoopFiber: regarding an Introduction to SwoopFiber

Presented by: Alexia Agouridis, CMO and Dave Keegstra, COO

SwoopFiber Presentation

About SwoopFiber

A pioneering true fiber internet provider servicing the Elmvale area. Delivering unparalleled speeds of 1Gbps for both upload and download. Part of a global telecom sector that connects the world through various mediums, from phones to the internet.

The Power of True Fibre

The power of true fiber offers a direct, unadulterated connection.

Benefits of fiber over older connection types:

  • Faster and more reliable speeds.
  • Less interference and degradation.
  • Superior to copper/coax in data transmission and consistency.

Community Engagement

SwoopFiber is committed to becoming active participants in the communities we work in. We are more than a service provider; we strive to be a positive-impact community partner. Participation Economic Development Attending events such as the Fall Fair Co-hosting events with local businesses Community feedback sessions Community Wi-Fi Zones with free internet Digital literacy workshops Supporting local businesses and improving remote work opportunities Giving Back Local sponsorships for sports and charitable organizations educational grants & scholarships


SEPTEMBER: Construction begins Door-to-door sales begins Advertising begins.

OCTOBER: Construction continues Fall Fair participation 1st Community Event

NOVEMBER: Projected network launch 2nd Community Event

DECEMBER: First round of customer feedback Continued community involvement

Swoopfibre Goals

This initiative is not just a project to us; it’s the beginning of a lasting relationship. Elmvale as a Pilot New Standard of Service Community Partner


Homer Barrett Park Tree and Sound Abatement

Nine trees will be planted at Homer Barrett Park to help reduced privacy and noise concerns raised by residents. Five trees are replacements and four trees are new.


Heritage Park Signage

Staff were directed to prepare a report showing options on ways to honour George Allen that may include the replacement or refurbishment of  the roofed sign located at Heritage Park. George was the force behind the creation of this park and he continues to work very hard taking care of this park on his own time. He cleans up garbage almost daily and has done a lot of maintenance in the park.


Installation of Pedestrian Zone Roadway Signs

There will be eight new pedestrian signs installed throughout the Township and installation will take place between May to October, 2024.

For the official record, please refer to the minutes in the next Council Agenda. Past Council Meetings are available for viewing on the Township’s YouTube channel.


Elmvale CRA Meeting

The Elmvale Community Recreation Association (CRA) held a meeting on September 21,2023 at the Elmvale Community Hall. The Elmvale CRA is a group of volunteers organizing local events to enhance their local community.

The Elmvale CRA will be running a booth at the Elmvale Fall Fair, on October 6 and 7. They will promoting and educating the public on what they are working on. There will be a Plinko game for kids with prizes as well as a donation jar for anyone wishing to help financially. A tax receipt for donations over $20 can be issued.

The Elmvale CRA is looking to run senior events such as cards games, and activities as well as younger children’s events. These events cost money to run so they will also be looking to organize fundraising events.

More members are needed to help run the events. If you would like to contribute to your community and could volunteer some of your time it would be appreciated, please stop by the CRA booth to find out how you can help or attend the next meeting on October 19, 2023 at 7 pm at the Elmvale Community Hall.

There are seven local community recreation association in Springwater Township, contact information for each association can be found on the Township of Springwater website.


Springwater Township Recreation Associations

Anten Mills

Contact: Lawrence Pavan, the_sarge007@hotmail.com

Popular annual events include the Anten Mills Eggstravaganza, Halloween Family Fun Event and Santa Claus Parade.


Contact: Doug Tinney, tinneydoug35@gmail.com

In addition to the Elmvale Community Recreation Association, there are several community groups that support the area:

Flos Agricultural Society (Elmvale Fall Fair)

Elmvale District Lions Club

Elmvale District Lioness Club (elmvalelioness@gmail.com)

Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival Committee


Contact: Mike Moore, 705-791-2225



Contact: Lisa Stephens or Paula Turney

lisaporteous@hotmail.com; paulaleddy@yahoo.ca

Popular annual events include the Christmas Tree Lighting and June Vendors Market.


Contact: Hale Mahon, 705-816-3697, hmahon@villageofmidhurst.ca

Popular annual events include the Midhurst Soapbox Derby and Autumnfest.


Contact: Wanda Maw-Chapman, 705-725-7000 x250, wmaw-chapman@telizon.ca

Popular annual events include the Minesing Mini-Fest and Christmas Tree Lighting.


Contact: Danielle Alexander, 705-322-7265


Popular annual events include the Phelpston Horseshoe Tournament, Family Day Skate and Christmas Wagon Ride.


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