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Letters to the Editor

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is the world’s largest shooting sport association. The sport of practical shooting originated from handgun competitions in the 1950’s.It quickly evolved into a pure target shooting sport and was officially founded in 1976. The IPSC nowadays affiliates over 100 regions / countries including Canada and all of its provinces. This makes practical shooting a major international sport which highly emphasizes safety. In reaction to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the IPSC cancelled all scheduled and future international competitions in Russia.

Competitions are held with pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun and the competitors are divided into different divisions based on their skill level, age, and equipment features. The motto of IPSC is “precision, power, speed”.  The most accurate competitor using the least amount of time to place the required number of hits on target is the “winner”. In most local matches that amounts to bragging rights and maybe a small medal of some type.  National and international competitions offer greater rewards.

To achieve a varied, challenging and exciting sport there are no fixed target arrangements, distances or shooting programs, making every match unique. Targets may be a mix of static, moving or partially covered with no shoot targets that give minus points if hit. Falling metal plates are also sometimes used.

In handgun there are two major divisions. One for the self-loading pistols with different subdivisions for optical sights, iron sights and caliber. And one for revolver using minor or major powered calibers. During the competition the handgun must be worn in a holster securely attached to the competitor’s belt. The holster needs to cover the trigger guard for added safety.

The safety for all competitors, officials and spectators are always of the highest importance in competitions. Eye and ear protection is mandatory while shooting is in progress. All firearms are kept unloaded until each competitor is on the firing line and under the direct supervision of the range official. Each competitor individually completes their course of fire under the direct supervision of the assigned range officer, after which their time and score minus any penalties is recorded.

Matches are held at the local, national and international levels.  Olympic caliber events are common. The official IPSC classification system allows the athletes to be ranked both nationally and internationally based on their previous results.

This year’s Canadian National Championship is being held July 25 to July 31 2022.  It is being hosted by the Atlantic Marksmen Association of Nova Scotia and will be attended by shooters from across Canada.

The Huronia Hand Gun Club of Penetanguishene is proud to announce that one of our leading athletes Mr. Sheldon East has been invited to attend as a representative from Ontario. He has been an active member of our local club and has participated in several Provincial Championship matches. His attendance and participation at the Canadian National Championships is a testament to his athletic skill as well as his dedicated support of the shooting sports. His teaching skills and level of support involving new shooters is well known to many members of our local target shooting community.

We wish him well and hope that he can bring some positive recognition to our Province, our community and our club.   Good Luck Sheldon !!

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