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HEY DADS!  First of all let’s take a moment to celebrate together.   We just passed the most wonderful day of the year…Father’s Day!  The day when our wives and children pour out gifts and gratefulness in abundance for our awesome fatherliness.  Or maybe make us paper ties.   Or forget it was Father’s Day altogether.  Even if no one else remembered it was Father’s Day let me congratulate and celebrate all you dads out there just dadding along.  Lots of people out there are saying that dads don’t matter and dads are no different than moms and nonsense like that.  You do matter.  You do have a super important role in your children’s life.  You are different from a mom.


Speaking of moms, we ran out of food in the fridge again this week so it was time to go grocery shopping.  My wife, Alli, and I had one of our more romantical dates to Costco while leaving the 8 youngsters at home with their big sister.  Just my lady and I and a great big empty grocery cart.  Once we got past the membership card-checking guy our date night really started picking up speed.   I told Alli she could start shopping while I wandered away on my own to get her a fruit smoothie and perhaps a slice of pizza for myself.  As I sat there alone eating my pizza and sipping my own fruit smoothie I was able to participate in some good old-fashioned people watching.  Lots of people to watch at Costco on our date tonight.


A family of four sat down near me with their own super-sized Costco pizza.  I was pleased to see one of the little girls, maybe 3 years old, passing out napkins to her family.  Often it seems the kiddos are just staring at an iparent, whoops, I mean iphone, while mom and dad do all the work.  But not in this family.  The girls were helping mom and dad with this meal.  The next thing that happened really surprised me.  I can’t remember the last time I witnessed an event like this in public.  Mom, dad, and the two little girls all bowed their heads to pray while dad gave thanks for their Costco pizza.  I almost choked on a strawberry.


It was an inspiring thing to witness.  Gratefulness seems to be in short supply these days and people praying before their meal in public in even shorter supply!  Lots of thoughts ran through my head.  I thought about what a great example this dad was setting for his family.  I thought about the times I didn’t pray with my family in a restaurant because I worried about what people would think.  I thought about the great need in the world for more dads to pray with their families.  I thought this dad deserved a reward.  I thought I should pay for their pizza.  Then I thought that would be kind of awkward.


Instead I walked by their table and passed a 20 dollar bill to one of the little girls.  She was probably 6 or 7.  I told her she had a really great dad and she should use that money to buy him something really awesome for Father’s Day.  The little girl said thank-you and I went on my way searching for my date to deliver her almost-melted smoothie.  Dad, you’ve got what it takes.  Time flies.  Make every moment count!


Jason Weening spends most of his money at Costco buying groceries for his nine kids and one wife.  For more Father’s Day follies check out heydads.ca.

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