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A Beacon for Rural Culture


The events that shaped our village were once reported in the Lance.

It was a journal of our daily lives that gave an occasional backward glance.

It preserved our local culture during the century gone by,

And it was a forum where local folks could give their writing skills a try.


But, in the last decade of the 1900’s the Lance’s readership went down,

And its ownership was relocated to a not-too-nearby town.

I guess it’s hard to catch the local flavour from a place that far away,

And with less support, the owners’ said, the Lance had had its day.


A lot of folks lamented that our village didn’t have a paper;

It was hard to get the hockey news or the low-down on a neighbour.

Then Michael Jacobs took up the challenge of putting forth the local views

In a paper that bore the township name and announced Springwater News.


The pages were just filled with local colour, although it was expressed in black and white,

And when folks received their free edition, they were convinced the price was ‘right’.

A lot of them passed on encouragement, and Mike reacted to their praise

Till the News evolved into the coloured version that we like to read these days.


We all feared the effects of social media that gave news to those with phone in hand,

But who would keep our older population informed when local events were being planned?

Then Linda bought the “News” and made an ‘objective view’ the golden rule.

She helped convince us all that a hard copy in hand is still a viable tool.


I have confidence in the integrity of the owner; she seems objective in her reviews,

Differing options are acceptable, but there needs to be basic honesty in news.

Hardcopies of the Springwater News will still find a role in preservation of local culture;

It will be the bond that binds those folks that inhabit this centre of agriculture.


I would like to pay tribute to this paper and the woman that gave it rebirth.

As a communications vehicle for the community, I can’t even estimate its worth.

To this paper that has highlighted community needs and supported each worthy cause,

I would like to pass along the thanks of the community and echo its applause.


Small Town Philosopher – Dec 2022


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